Street art in Vienna.

in graffiti •  2 years ago  (edited)

Danube Canal in Vienna is one of the worth seeing places. I think they are really amazing and it’s worth seeing these graffiti. In my opinion, street art is beautiful when it presents something really cool. I think everyone should see these graffiti.

I encourage you to do it!

2018-03-06 09.45.59 1.jpg

2018-03-06 09.46.00 1.jpg

2018-03-06 09.46.01 1.jpg

2018-03-06 09.46.02 1.jpg

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Wonderful pictures, the last one was made by David Shillinglaw. Keep posting! ;)

Full steem ahead! :)

thank you for sharing these are amazing , so inspiring

Awesome Street art, thanks for posting