The most awaited day || my graduation :)

in #graduation3 years ago

me and my momma

Believe in yourself, impossible is just a word. I am so ecstatic and overjoyed. I am so grateful to have this moment, it took time to sink in that I'm really done with school. 😊 To finish from a five year course is something that I can be proud of! Finally, I did it 🎉💪

I am so thankful to those people who have been there present for those five awesome years. I can't thank you enough😊😘

Thank you God for turning this dream into reality.😇😊

Hillary A. Busque
Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communication Engineering
Batch 2018


Yay! congrats future Engineer!

Congrats your mother so happy of your achievements

Thanks for sharing this photography is very nice happy post

congrats @hillaryaa busog kaau ang dinner nuh? haha

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