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Perhaps your posts not going viral and you’re not earning money as you wish? And you’re wondering why no one appreciates your posts or up-votes them?!


Been worthy of your hire:

I’m going to suggest you look at how it would be, to get a job and then compare it with blogging.  

Here are some job interview questions: 

  1. You badly need money and thought maybe you should try to get a job. But you have no skills or talent. 
  2. How would you present yourself when been interviewed for a new job? How would you dress and behave? What is your CV like? What skills and talents do you have that they would desire to hire you for? 
  3. Do you think people will hire you if you weren’t behaving or looking respectable at the interview? You didn’t do your research on the `firm’ or organized a recommended CV either.  
  4. All that and here you are asking at the interview what you would be paid!! 

No different with blogging!

  • Booking the interview: To start with: Without the right suitable keyword tags, no one will be able to search and find your post topic. 
  • Presentation: If headlines and sub-headlines aren’t short, dynamic, dramatic or exciting, no one will click on the topic. 
  • Design dressing: Fresh and clean looking websites and posts present a good front. Layout of the contents that’s easy to read and visit, makes for an enjoyable encounter. 
  • Length of interview time: If the interview (content) is interesting and pleasant, the interview will take longer. And if the content has perhaps just one photo without an interesting caption or story, the interview is quickly over… Like the job interviewer is sure to say, “Sorry, no job, not acceptable… next one please!”   People surfing the net will move on too and your posts won't go viral!
  • CV intelligence:  The quality of the info and how the content is written is very important. It shows people that the person writing the article knows what they are talking and writing about. 
  • Lifestyle: Your jargon (the way you talk) and how you behave (manners) is important in how you come across to people reading your posts. And if they would want to come back again to see what else you have to present. 
  • Wages paid: It’s not what you would possibly earn. It’s how much you’re worth to hire (to buy into your post’s topic) and been acceptable! 

Are you looking at things differently now, that you have compared getting hired for a jog, with that of blogging?! The difference…is 

The labour must be worthy of his hire:

If people are posting something just to be paid (up-voted), it’s thoughtless, heartless, rude and offensive! 

  • Team ship: Things work better for a firm (a social group platform) when everyone is considerate of their co-workers. 
  • Quality: Giving of your best, means you’ll hold the job much longer. And you get the best!

What is the `hire’ secret?

First the blogger must sell themselves! That is, how you present yourself and what you provide for other people. 

Provide value for money: 

  • How you entertainment other people. 
  • How people benefit from your posts. 
  • How you fulfill other people’s expectations. 
  • In depth knowledge that edifies, helps, informs and educates other people. 
  • Provide demos and videos that simplify and improves people’s lives. 

The great secret of obtaining money is: 

  • Helping and serving others!  
  • Whatever you do and give out… Good or bad… comes back tenfold! 

But if you’re selfish and demanding… you become bitter and poor! 

How money comes to you:

  • First you have to build trust. That comes through your attitude, the way you write, behave and talk. Not only in your post content, it's also how you reply to comments. Whether on your post or on other people’s. 
  • Add incentives to your pitch. Reasons why they should buy into your concept or product. 
  • Providing some free downloads is somewhat like advertising. 
  • Be practical: Provide what everyone wants, craves and desires. 
  • Add Adsence advertising to your videos. The more your video goes viral, the more you earn from it 
Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Very inspiring writing. I strongly agree with the suggestions that you give. I will try to follow your instructions so that my writing will get a lot of votes. Thank you for the very useful infomation, my friend.

If one can put all these points into consideration Then no doubt one's post will surely go viral. I myself must take those into consideration and practice it.

Woow, this is a good mentor I really needed and thank you very much @artguru. Your advice is very useful and thoughtful.

All these attributes and qualities is what a content creator needs for his content to go viral and also for a better engagement on the post. With proper tagging of a post can also improved a post search engine ranking

Are you written some SEO sites / guides?

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Google has a SEO site: https://trends.google.com/trends/
I also built my own SEO list of words and their rating trend number.

Sometime your post can not be viral and your feeling not good. I always follow your guidline. One day my post are also going viral. Something interesting of your post is very important. I always try my best in my life. Thanks for sharing this useful information.@artguru.

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Yeah another post about go viral and this is my best one post I choice this one @artguru..your contribution so very informative ..I love it..
Thanks for sharing..

Wow this is great. I guessed the part of building trust is the most important aspect i must say