Enticing people… to Go Viral!

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How to attract and influence on the internet, so that your website, content and posts go viral. 

First let us look into the meaning of two basic words… 

The word… Entice: 

       It means to persuade, lure, and arouse desire or hope. 

And the word… Incentive:

        It means to incite action, provoke, motivate and encourage. 

Now let’s look at,

…The internet as a shopping mall. For example, in the shopping mall, you come across… 

  • A bakery shop window: In the window you see some very desirable food. The food looks so juicy, spicy and delicious you feel you must go into the shop and buy that delectable food. 
  • A dress shop window: In the window you see a beautiful slim model with a flowing dress with rich sparkling sequence. And you think to yourself I would love to have that. So into the shop you walk. 

(Consider the shops as websites or posts)

In both cases… it is catch and engage!  

You’re lured in by what was in the window, without even been in the shop, yet. The window-dressing was the trap set.  

And then once in the shop, you saw the most fantastic stuff. You felt you could buy everything in that shop you saw! Everything in the shop was what you would ever desire! 

You like what that shop had. So much so, that you wanted all your friends to know where the shop is, and what type of stuff they had there! Well, that is what going viral means. It means: 

  • You have to give people reasons to buy into your concept and post content. 

How to influence people:

Know what people really want. And let’s not mince our words…  

  1. Usually its money… the desire to be rich or famous.  
  2. People want things for free. O it must be a real bargain
  3. In spite of that, people don’t want second best. They want the best quality there is. 
  4. They dream of having the latest gadget, whatever that may be. They want a lifestyle, the finest house or car, travel the world, etc, etc. Always more and more!! 
  5. People are tired of struggling. They want an easy quick delivery. Nothing complex! It has to be easy to understand and get. It must work like magic
  6. People badly want to laugh and be merry. They want to be where the sun and the fun is, where everything is happening. Like being at the beach, relaxing or frolicking in the water. Get the picture?! 
  7. People want to be socially accepted. So they want to look good with the latest in clothing, good physiques, etc. 
  8. People always want and are looking for something new, exciting and fascinating. No one is interested in old news. It’s like eating on leftovers. Give them unique stuff. A new spin on facts

So what does that mean to you?

Your posts must have great enticing incentives. And make people feel safe buying into what you are promoting. 

  • Entice people with your warm fuzzy bubbly friendly personality. See humour in things, so you can think, speak and write in happy flowing words. 
  • Look into the perspective of what people desire and crave most. And inspire people to achieve their hearts desire. 
  • As to lifestyle, give them adventure and drama. Give them photos of the places they would like to go to. Be active in your field or talent. Do demos so they can see what it is like to actually do it.
  • People like to associate with images. Entice people with beauty. For example, show photos of people with body language that suggests health and glamour. Happy smiles and gestures that suggest success and the best of everything. 
  • Ask questions. Questions that people would like to know the answers. And then give the answers to their problems and needs. How to do it the easy quick way, and nothing complicated
  • Be a great story teller. Tell your `story’ in unique ways. Play it `real cool’. Entice and spice up your post with exciting dramatic motivating descriptive action words. Make people feel they are right there with what is happening. 
  • And if your posts are good (and they know where you are) they want more and more. So you have to be regular with the good stuff. 
  • And because people like sharing posts, give them links they can pass on to others to see it too. 
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This is what it's all about

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Money is not important to influence the people. It need your behaiour and attitude to get this.


I do notice that you post somewhat on blockchain, on your site. Those types of posts generally generate updates. So there is some interest in money.

A lot of knowledge that I got after I read your writing. Frankly your advice really motivates me. Thank you friend.


Glad you found something of value there.

many ways are done at this time, of course, in one way to be able to attract people to be famous and viral of course


Most people just write and post anything, as long as they are posting.
Not understanding if we want our site to do well, we have to entice people with good `window-dressing'. That is, great dynamic exciting headlines and sub-headlines.

Your soft behaviour to others is very important for your popularity. I always learn from your great and valuable posts. You can't treat the peoples with attitude. Many peoples hates attitude. Thanks for sharing this great advice.@artguru.


Attitude is seen in the way we write and the words we use to express ourselves.

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Woow, these are nice proposals for me now and I think they fit a lot of people mostly in this internet age. NB: Seriously appealing, sentimental and viral!!

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I Learn many things form your article. It motivate too much!!