Dive Into Virtual Governments🤝

in government •  5 months ago

My last post lead to a little further reading on Estonia and virtual government. Government is larger than any industry in financial terms and more importantly holds the keys to our well being as global citizens more than any other entity. Downsizing government to its most fundamental roles and empowering individuals so that they have the best odds for maximizing their potential is what is needed to carry civilization forward with minimal incentive for war and all the other terrible side effects of conflicting government philosophies. As we all know money in itself is a major tool used by government to control citizens and fight battles. At times it’s a non-violent way to bring resolution to conflict but more often than not it leads to violence and/or severe economic instability. Do yourself and society a favor. Learn about virtual government and how blockchain can empower this movement.

New Yorker article is slightly dated but a fantastic read!


Become an e-resident of Estonia!


Tim Draper on Disruption

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