The Problem with "If you don't like it here, why don't you just move?"

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At first blush, the retort of “if you don’t like it, then leave” can be compelling.

To some degree it can make sense that if one does not like the state or town that they live in moving themselves to another place they would enjoy more is certainly an option.

But thinking about it more deeply, the problem is obvious. It is simple enough for ME to move, but what can’t I move?

My property.

I cannot move my land. Again, to a statist this is not a problem but why not? Unavoidable here is the implication that your land, your property actually belongs to the state as well as to you. The fundamental mismatch between political boundaries, which are arbitrary, and geographical boundaries which are not, is the crux of the problem of government and consent.

Do I alone own my property and myself or not?

We need a meme that goes something like this:
Statist: "If you don't like it leave"
Libertarian: (secedes)
Statist: "NO, not like that!"

Also, why would I want to leave the United States? Wouldn't that just make it easier for the US Government to drone bomb me?

Does taxation really depend on threats of violence? Isn't taxation part of the social contract?



The world is such a colourful place, each and every person on this earth can choose where they want to be.

That is, each and every person can pick and choose as to where they don't want to be.

I dare say it is a bit like politics and voting.

Not happy with the current government, vote for change.

Why torture yourself?

The problem is why do we get to vote to violate peoples rights that was never what the founders intended

We the people voted them in.

Ironic isn't it.

Yeah makes me wonder whats wrong with everyone, I just cant believe that the majority is evil

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This is really obvious, the option there is just to move away

I would 'just move' if it got to the point that my safety was threatened. But my labor and my wealth went into buying and improving my land, so you can just keep your filthy hands off of it, thanks.