Journal Entry January 19, 2021

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The latest spyware on your phone...



Frak your APP and your deceptive attempt to spy on me today with your Find My Mobile bullsh=t. Allow other users to find my phone? Frak that! Nice try #Trudeauland. Needless to say, and after several attempts at clicking OFF, I was able to kill the "Find my phone" BS option.

They make it sound like it's a helpful app that will help you to locate your phone. Seriously if I need something on my laptop to help me locate my phone I am already in trouble. This is a method that can be used to spy on other people and everybody I am sure just clicked agree thinking it was a helpful service.

Six million sheep already downloaded the COVID APP.

That is almost one third of the total number of people tested for the virus (16 million) and twenty-four times the number of Canadian cases. Yup, we have only had around 715,000 “cases” to date, after a year, this includes false positives, contact cases, probable cases, and influenza cases.

These statistics prove that millions more live in fear that they might catch it. Sheep! You have better odds of getting hit by a car while crossing the street naked in a snowstorm while reading this post than catching covid. Actively less than 73,000 people in all of Canada have flu/covid right now. 73,000 out of 39 Million.

And yes, you can count statistics against total population for 2 reasons. One, the government does it with their own covid statistics (tests per million), and, two, if you are sick you're going to get caught. So there are not sick people without symptoms. You will get branded one way or another (forget asymptomatic since they've already proven it doesn't spread that way).

I did what I could to turn off this latest spyware on my phone, not that it matters in the end because the suckers who clicked Agree will now spy on my phone. It is becoming time to just leave my phone in the car at the rate the government is going.

Soon I will have to leave my phone at home just so they do not track me from place to place like they did that woman in Australia who was not even home when the cops showed up to issue her a ticket (without masks) after assaulting her the day before for not wearing a mask. She repeatedly asked them how they knew where she was, and the only thing I can think of is her phone spied on her and told them.

I still have Twitter, for my Paranormal group only, but the more the Big Tech cracks down and censors conservative voices the less appealing social media is. I have my Instagram for pictures, and MeWe is replacing Facebook (until they shut it down too). I was on Parler, but they killed it. I tried to get on Gab, but the site is so bogged down with traffic there is no point. I just heard of something called Telegram or I think something like that tonight that I will have to check out, maybe it can replace Facebook Messenger?

My phone is becoming more of a source of overpriced entertainment than a tool to access the internet for anything but random searches. I have to wonder if it is worth the $55 a month or should I go back to a portable potato. Even when I had my car accident, I ended up having to call the services vs using the online app so what is the point in paying for all of it just to play a few games on my break?

I need to check with my service provider tonight and see just how much I am saving with the plan I have. I do use it to access things like websites so I guess it is still worth something to me, for now. OK so maybe I can still find lots of things to do with my phone, for now, but it does not mean I am going to voluntarily turn it into a collar and leash for the Government. A friend suggested you do everything on your laptop (which might be more secure) versus your phone, but they'll track and trace you either way. The government and Big Tech have their slimy paws in every part of our lives.