Fined or Jailed For Making Your Own Path

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If you want to find a good place to go hiking, there are many areas that get frequently recommended for having some of the best hiking trails in the world.

They are countries like Nepal, Norway, Switzerland, New Zealand, Canada, and others.

Canada alone has thousands of different trails that travelers can venture down and explore, all across the country.

But don't let authorities catch you trying to forge your own path...

Canada gets tens of millions of visitors every year. And many of its popular hiking areas are said to be generously advertised overseas. But now, people have been complaining that the trails are too congested. As a result, some people have been trying to create their own path, but authorities warn that if you get caught you could be facing a major fine, even some time behind bars.

The fine could be around $10k if you're caught building your own path.

Aside from a hefty fine, you could also see 6 months jail time for the offense.

It might be deemed public land but that doesn't mean that people have the freedom to build their own trail through the woods. Making a trail is a peaceful and harmless activity that doesn't infringe upon the property of any other and so it shouldn't warrant time behind bars or a fine.

However, authorities say that they're concerned about the environment and that's the reason for the fine and jail time.

They maintain that when people venture out to build their own path that they might disrupt wildlife, or possibly spread some invasive plants.

As for what constitutes trail building, it seems rather vague. Though, if they catch you trying to establish your own 'unauthorized route' with a shovel in hand, then you could be getting ready to face a high fine. For anyone who is interested in building their own trail, the government wants them to seek written permission first. In the meantime, they want travelers to put up with the congested hiking areas.



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Protecting the environment. Hahaha. And clearcutting entire sections of forest doesn't harm anyone or anything because there is profit to be made and it's good for the economy. If you think the above section is a lot it's not even hardly a dent as you can see from the little red dot in the third pic. And these pictures are just one section of Quebec. I'm sure cleaning up some brush, cutting a few branches, and making a trail easy to walk along have much less of an impact than clearcutting. Another funny thing about provincial parks in Quebec is that they don't let you take your dog in the woods. They use the same reason - because it's bad for the environment.


I would guess that clearcutting a forest on public land without a permit would be pretty illegal don't you? That's not allowed is it?


I'm sure they have a permit. It doesn't make it good for the environment just because they paid a fee to be able to do it, though. Sure they replant trees as they cut them in the name of protecting the environment. It doesn't help the wildlife now, though, and they'll just cut those trees down too in 50 years when they're ready again.


What makes people making their own trails willy-nilly on public land a good thing that should be condoned?


I suppose it would depend if you are actually causing harm or not. I'm also not sure trail making is done willy-nilly. It's usually done because it's being used enough by someone that they decide to clear the way after a few hikes along an uncleared path. If you are making a hiking trail for everyone to use and not causing harm to wildlife or large sections of forest on public land, I don't see anything wrong with it. Maybe there is a waterfall or lake that people occasionally walk to but there is no clear path. Wouldn't it be beneficial if someone cleared the way so everyone could benefit from the path instead of each individual smashing through the brush trying to get to the same location? Wouldn't it be safer if someone tied a rope to a tree to help less experienced hikers climb up a steep hill or cliff instead of them possibly slipping? I've made a few paths and I clean up already made paths when out hiking by clearing brush and any trees that have fallen over the path. It's not an issue of harming the wildlife or spreading plant species to unwanted areas. But, I could still be fined if caught doing it, I guess.

On the other hand, I don't support anyone going in and doing things that will be causing damage. Daming off rivers and streams, cutting down numerous trees, installing culverts, wrecking beaver huts, and putting up fences could all potentially have consequences and it should be considered and avoided. The issue I really have is getting a permit (paying a fee) when you are not going to be causing any harm or damage. The government gives permits to private corporations to completely clearcut public land, causing all kinds of damage to the surrounding wildlife. But, because they paid a big enough fee, that's okay?

Aside from making a trail, the government shouldn't be the only one with the say in matters like this. If a community comes together and wants to make a trail while being respectful to the area, why should they need permission? It doesn't belong t the government, it belongs to the public who use it. This doesn't just apply to trails, either. I know of a group of people who owned cottages on this one dirt road. They all pay property taxes but the road was a complete mess. They asked the city to fix the road and were told it isn't a priority. They offered to have it fixed themselves (paying the cost) and were told they weren't allowed because it was the government's responsibility. This could easily have been the same situation had the community wanted a trail for everyone to use. It's really a lose-lose situation when you're begging for permission from these people and communities shouldn't be afraid to make improvements to the area because someone is threatening them.


If a community comes together and wants to make a trail while being respectful to the area, why wouldn't they get permission?

It didn't sound like there was a fee for the permit to make a trail on public land. With many types of permits the government is who organizes things so that the community has a say, permits are the mechanism for the community to have a say. They apply for a permit and if you as a member of the public objects then you can have your objection heard, that's how things work. Maybe there is a good reason not to build a path to that particular lake or waterfall.

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That sounds like a complete sick joke, @doitvoluntarily. I'm preparing a short text with links on the Fake World. It will be posted in the next 12 hours at the most.

It is also a ticket/fine in the US national parks to create your own trails, saw it first hand in Bryce National Park this past year!

The nature is perfect and wonderful, and personally I would like to know much more about it, visit other countries see, the variety that there is. But it seems to me that, the Canadian government, is in all the reason to want to protect, the nature of its forests, because for anybody it is a secret that there are many people, they do a lot of damage to nature. And to build roads must, damage many plants and perhaps eliminate, much wildlife with which, feel threatened. I found this article excellent, and very informative, my dear friend.

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Lame, but I doubt it is crazy inforced and most people just get asked to leave. That is my experience in BC anyways. Rule of the land is be respectful and leave no trace. If your trace is too noticable people will become quite irate. It may be public but a lot of the public here would rather that not everyone just get willy nilly about building paths wherever... because where does it end? How many paths can each person be allowed to build? I prefer some kind of rules that we all must follow on public land.

I was researching the Summits On the Air (SOTA) program the other day which combines hiking with amatuer radio. You hike up to the top of hill or mountain, make some radio contacts and earn points towards awards. This program was started in the UK and is now world wide. Being I am from the US I found a warning they had on the website to be interesting; they mentioned that they is no right of travel laws in the US. I dont know if this is just the UK or other countries as well, but they reminded people that in the US you havento have permission to traverse another person’s property. Is true that you don’t need permission in other countries? Anyone have some insight for me?

Oh you are right. i have been to Klein Matterhorn, Swiss. I just loved the place and the hike. Especially, the electric cars concept to decrease pollution in the area. Though it wasnt much of a hike as train took us up. But, it was worth many steps. Hope you enjoyed your trip :)

It's not about the environment or whatever, it's always about control, the control of you.

It might be deemed public land but that doesn't mean that people have the freedom to build their own trail through the woods. Making a trail is a peaceful and harmless activity that doesn't infringe upon the property of any other and so it shouldn't warrant time behind bars or a fine.

So if all the people on those overly congested trails made their own trails the park or whatever it is wouldn't turn into a shithole?

speed is so high.

Look up Agenda 21/2030.

amigo, aqui estoy felicitando por su buen trabajo

we have to care for and protect nature that is beautiful, I agree with the authorities to arrest those people who want to destroy the trees to create their own way, we must talk more about this topic that is of interest thanks for sharing dear @ doitvoluntarily
As we all know there are many people who do not care about the damage they cause, since nature is amazing and wonderful

The truth of the organisms does not surprise me this resolution. They are very ipocrita when saying that they do it for the care of the environment, a lie that nobody believes them. they do it to raise and steal more money.
Many thanks dear friend @doitvoluntarily for sharing this information
I miss you a prosperous week

We are living in a literal prison! This just makes me sick

If people were respectful of property and other people, there wouldn't have to be restrictions laid down. I have never had a problem foraging our own path, but, there is hardly a trace that we were there.

Canada was on of the friendliest places. I have to tell you the God Honest truth. I didn't understand what the heck the Polish guy was saying, but, we weren't arrested, so I guess it wasn't all bad.

A very good post and I really like it