Pros and Cons of Being in Delta Force

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I've been thinking about what it would be like to be a Delta Force operator. So, I’ve decided to make a pros and cons blog about somethings. Also, I will talk about common misconceptions about Army and Navy Special Forces.

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The first thing that I will talk about is the good things (pros) of being in Delta Force. The first good thing about it is that you will make a special bond with the other men or women that serve with you. (As of now I don’t think that there are any women in Delta Force) Another pro is that you have reached the peak of your physical health and the men in your team are some of the most capable in the world at what you do. Another good thing in being a Delta operator is your parents or kids have great bragging rights, and when you go home, you are the best person in your household. Lastly, you will leave the military with a lost of knowledge to pass on to your grandchildren. (I’m assuming the the operator retired)

The second thing that I will be talking about is the bad side (cons) of joining Delta. Firstly, You are in a lot of danger basically wherever you go. Your family can also be in danger if you don’t wear a face mask when on mission because the people you are trying to kill or capture may want to go after your family. Next, when in Delta, you will work a lot with the CIA and perform a lot of tasks for them. Therefore, you will have to keep a lot of information secret, including the possible death of a fellow soldier(s). Lastly, you will start to lose a good amount of emotion and you will see the world in a more dark and serious way the civilians may.
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The third and last thing that I’m going to talk about is some common misconceptions that a lot of people have about special forces. The most common one is that when a SF operator dies, the team lets the wife or girlfriend in on how he actually died.(The government mostly lies when a Delta or SF member dies) This is a HUGE no-no firstly, it’s treason, second, what if he died trying to kill the Russian president and Russian doesnt know who killed him. IF she posts online about it and everybody knows that she will, the US is in a lot of trouble. Less common but seen more in TV shows and movies, when an operator goes through something traumatic, the Army gives them leave directly after. First, you are a resource of the United States Army. Second, you are there to do a mission until the military decides to remove you, therefore, your there as long as they need. You go through something bad, you may not go on a mission in for a week but you're still in a combat zone or are deployed.

Thanks for reading and make sure to check out my other blogs!


It sounds like it would take a very unique individual to become a Delta!

great info, keep it coming!!!

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