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Reading between the lines we can see the tide turning slowly in South African politics. The "land grab" issue was raised by Maleema from the EFF( Economic Freedom Fighters). The ANC buckled and took it as its own policy in order to keep the supporters happy.

Ramaphosa ,the new President has inherited a broken Government that would make any hardened criminal look like a saint. The supporters are learning what went on under Zuma and are not happy. The land issue was to take the bad news away and give them some good news. Presents in the form of free land to hold things together to make it through to the next election and possibly win it.

Maleema has held some rallies recently and the turnout has been worse than poor. The future of the party is in doubt and not what he had hoped for. His only future is to disband the party and slink back into the ANC ranks and hope he gets a seat somewhere.I am sure he will be promised something substantial and may harbor hopes of running for President after Ramaohosa is finished.

The problem for the ANC and The EFF is that the DA has taken some rural areas and transformed them. The DA has supplied services such as water and electricity within a short period compared to nothing from the ANC over many years of empty promises. One community received running water after just two weeks.

The land grab issue makes perfect sense now as it is purely a survival tactic and without it the next election is in jeopardy. If the ANC makes it this time there are no guarantees next time around. The only way would be to have proper politicians or use intimidation tactics.

The more educated the masses become the less chance of the ANC or the EFF have of maintaining power. This makes sense why so many schools are burnt down on a regular basis. Everyone can see the future is bright if change happens and moves away from the racist ways of the past. Unfortunately the ANC stands for too much that was wrong with the country and needs to move on. They haven't improved matters and racialism has no place in today's society. Next year they would have been in power for 25 years and what have they achieved? The answer is absolutely nothing and their time is running out. The new generation have only known an ANC government and there are enough of the new generation 18-25 year old's and there is no guarantee they will tick the same box as their parents on the ballot papers.

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You have a minor grammatical mistake in the following sentence:

The ANC buckled and took it as it's own policy in order to keep the supporters happy.
It should be its own instead of it's own.

The young people not knowing their history may be very dangerous. In Europe the young poor muslim people with little hope are going to be radicalized. I can see the same happening in SA. scary times


I can see that happening and they would be easy targets.

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