In The Name of "Safety" and "Protection"

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Please consider the following:

Whenever a natural disaster or man made disaster, terror attack or tragedy happens one must understand that in every single situation, "Government" finds itself involved in, will always maximize itself in all areas possible.

What this means is, they (the parasitic politicians that make up the body called "Government") will come in the name of safety and protection, with their order followers in order to usurp more control, for themselves in the end. This ultimately strips the inherent free will and freedoms of the individual.


While they paint a perfect picture of themselves like you see on the news remember the famously repeated line, "I'm helping!" spoken by Ralph on the iconic show, The Simpsons. When the agents of the state come in, they appear like they are helping, but in actuality there is a more insidious agenda making situations 1000x dangerous by stripping away the freedom of the individuals they claim they're helping Further excusing themselves with the cop out that usually goes something like:

"For the safety and protection of everyone, you have to obey the law and give up your guns during a state emergency" - some Government parasite.

This is MIND CONTROL. They're slowly but surely stripping you of your inherent human "rights" you were born with.
All a right is, is an action you perform that causes no harm or loss to any other being. "Rights" really don't exist. Your actions and what you have manifested into reality do. Just like "Government" doesn't actually exist, the actions of human beings and what they have done, does.

That is why the order follower, is always more morally culpable than the order giver. Because the order follower is the one who manifests that action of doing that thing, into reality. So when humans act as agents of the state, they make "Government" appear real, when it is not. It is nothing more than an idea that humans believe in and a shitty idea at that, that they manifest into reality, due to their actions.

Remember this, when other human beings in funny looking costumes, come and try to perform mind control tactics on you, to strip you of your ability to think for yourself.

Every single time, agents of the state are involved with ANYTHING remember, their ultimate goal is to usurp more control and protection, for THEMSELVES and NOT for you.

Agents of the state, serve and protect the law which is written by the parasites that ultimately want us eliminated at the end of the day, because we stand in the way of them achieving their totalitarian police/military state.

You'd had better wake the fuck up, because that police state is literally and figuratively knocking on your door, especially in times of distress when people are weak and unable to think clearly for themselves. This is a perfect recipe for human slavery to continue to burrow it's parasitic belief system into the minds of those who are willing to beLIEve in it.

Hurricane Katrina is a perfect example. Look what happened to the 9th block. Look at the gun grabs. Look at how FEMA ignored hundreds of people proving they really were not there to help the people like they claimed.

If you're not outraged you're not paying attention.


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