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in got16s •  11 months ago

Help get episode 3 started!

We are going to drop the entry link once we get 10 or more people to join.

Go to @VoyceAtlas' Post by clicking this picture below.

Comment "I #Got16s" on the post if you are going to join.

Also Upvote and Resteem the post to ensure maximum exposure.

got16 rap contest ep3.jpg

[Post made by @dubvdave]

#GOT16s contest is based on Lyrics. Judging will be based on how well you can come up with clever lines, metaphors or how well you can tell a story.


Anyone can join. You don't even need to be a rapper!

Do you got 16s?

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all the rappers are at the rap challenge


Nope... I been part of that since week 3. It has had a whole new batch pretty much every week. Also there hasnt been any updates on it. We started got16s in an off week and done episodes the two times there was no #rapchallenge. #Got16s is not a weekly thing. I hope all is good with @rondonson.

But i saw a lot of rappers and now they are gone. Most of them probably left the platform after getting discouraged.


I hope no one got discouraged. We need more rappers so we can get this challenge going, what ever happened to @rondonson rap challenge...do you know?

Got16's my dude!!! Where's all the rappers at?