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RE: 🏆 #GooglyPrize 👀 This Week's Winners - Issue No. 90

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Doah! I prepared a post a few days ago, but life distracted me and now I’ve missed this googly dead line.
I’ll have a googly entry available for next round.
Congratulations everyone that won. Get ready for some heavy competition! 😁😁😁

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good thing there actually isn't any deadline ever, you'd just get pushed to the next round if you awkwardly hit POST right in the moment while winners are being selected... so yeah... post away at your convenience...

I can't wait to see what it's gonna be... a derogative lime?!

No deadline!
That’s another reason why this is a fun contest.

Good guess, but no derogative limes this time. A close guess because it’s going to be something similar to a lemon. Something yellow and also full of liquid. An adventure with an unexpected car battery interruption. (No, not a yellow car battery full of acid water.)


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And dang that one was worth waiting for!

Thanks! I wanna win! 🐢

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If it was up to me... I could already guarantee the post is a winner... but it's not up to me, so I lay my trust in the wisdom of the jury :D

Thanks for the vote of confidence. I too will trust the jury’s decision.

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