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Every time when I am feeling upset or sad, I always remember this tale about a tomato. I'll tell you when I'm so bad then remind me of this fairy tale, I tale this for you to see this carefully so that one day you can tell me story.

Once day, it was since still an elementary school the first grade students who just entered the class. The lesson after lesson they went through, they do a lot of homework from math teachers, homework reading from Indonesian language teachers. And there are many other homework. One day they feel saturated, and one of the students has his teacher. "Bu teacher I'm tired of learning, what else math, I really do not like it. I hate that lesson, the lesson is very difficult, I really do not like it "the student said to his teacher while frowning with protest as he did not want to learn math. The teacher smiled at the story of one of his students. Then the teacher made a point to tell the first grade students to bring a tomato for tomorrow's lesson. "Boys, you're so saturated with PR-homework, okay tomorrow we'll learn more new and more fun, tomorrow you have to bring each tomato one piece huh?" Said the teacher gently. "Why should we bring a tomato school?" One of the students said. "Never mind, tomorrow will you explain what the tomatoes are for, so do not forget to bring tomatoes tomorrow huh?" Said the teacher patiently.


The next day all the students had brought the school tomatoes. As the entry bell rang all hurried into the classroom impatiently putting down new lessons that the teacher would give them. "Good morning children?" Greeted the teacher kindly. "Do you each of you today have a tomato?". All the students rushed out a tomato from their school bag and simultaneously

“Yes, I’m done exactly". Then explain carefully how to play with the tomato. "These kids are a game for you, the games are you have to put one of those tomatoes in your uniform pocket. For seven days the tomato should keep you pocketed, and who can take the tomato the longest and do not throw it away. He's the one who will win. "Hearing the explanation, the first grade students of the elementary school were very enthusiastic, pocketing the tomatoes in their own uniform pouch. Day after day passed every day after the day of the tomato baggage, the teacher always smacked at the students if their tomatoes were still in their uniform pouch. And they still keep it neatly in their uniform pockets.

Five days later, the teacher asked about the tomato again "kids good morning how are you tomatoes today?". One of the students grunted and a little annoyed "How to keep it in my pocket, the tomatoes are rotten and smelly, so my mother throws them away?" And then the teacher again asks them, "which of you keeps the longest?" the students were silent and suddenly one person who answered questions from their teachers. "Well the mother's children will explain why the mother told you to keep the tomatoes in your pocket, the mother did want to make you know that the tomato will rot if you keep it in your pocket. It's the same as when you keep your bitterness and bitter memories in your heart, if you keep bringing it in your heart and mind constantly it will damage yourselves, like that tomato which, if stored for long, will rot decaying your uniform and smell. So be a forgiving man for yourself and for others, do not say the lesson is hard today, then you will feel more difficult later on tomorrow. Be forgiving. How fresh and high the tomatoes he will remain decay if too long stored and will smell. Like a hatred do not keep it for long.


That can be scary with google eyes...

Oh really? But I don't think so @legendchew, thanks a lots for your kindly comment

Nice :D You haven't been around in a while Taufik. It's good to have you again.

I've missed your philosophical ramblings... and indeed... I do not keep rotten tomatoes in my pockets, ever ;)

Thank you very much for your kindly comment and biggest support again @googlyeyes, hopefully I can be the next winner again because I will.do it best again focussed on photography.

A very informative story. Thanks for him. Welcome back to #Googlyeyes ;-)

Your welcome @bucipuci, thanks a lots for your kindly comment and biggest support again. Have a nice day

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