👀 #GooglyEyes 📷 Bruce Brixlobber - Things With Eyes Vol.62

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This is Bruce Brixlobber,

and he hides his insecurities by making a fuss about things.

"Woah... dude! Do you even have permission to take my picture?"


Bruce is the kind of guy that doesn't get much company. He was pretty shocked when I suddenly invaded his personal space and started taking pictures of him.


He's usually all by himself, tucked away in this window-frame, unseen by the academic elite that roams in these buildings he's holding up.

Maybe that's the reason why he stopped attending to his personal hygiene, too? Being an important pillar of progress but left unnoticed, he might as well stop caring for himself.



When we first met, he seemed eager to be friendly, but immediately started bickering about whether I had "written permission" to take his picture or not. I was confused and asked him if he wanted me to leave, but he denied:

"You don't have to leave, but you should understand that the you must register with the press office before taking pictures, this is private property after all!"

"So that means you want me to leave?"

"No you can stay, but you need a permission slip before you take pictures! Especially with these new privacy laws in place, the proper officials need to approve any and all images before they are publicised!"

"Ummm... ok. So I shouldn't take pictures here?"

"You can take pictures. I just have to make you aware that you are legally required to get the proper approval first."

I looked at him in disbelief, shrugged and said: "Allright man, you're just doing your job, right? I guess I'll better leave now."


I left but I couldn't help feeling upset. I was sure he didn't really mean it and he was probably just trying to get a conversation going... but I guess the product of my anti-authoritarian upbringing just doesn't have patience to put up with all this nonsense about making appointments and asking for written permissions.

Alas, I came back a day later and pretended like nothing ever happened. His face was just too interesting to not get a proper picture of him. This time I brought him a little gift to calm his nerves and it must have really helped. Everything was chill and we had a good time hanging out without any confrontation.

You want to mock me
Show me where to go
Remove the lights of the lonely road
But I pull out my flashlight
I'm a spirit before a body,
Body before a human,
Human before any category
Born stupid yet intelligent
With potential to ruin
Life or chose to improve it
Or passively cycle through it
And lose it with the pity
Of the wasted destination of many
Living a life barely worth living
Let alone worth remembering
How can you ever create it
If it's something you ain't got faith in
Whether it's a human relationship or a space station
Manifestation of the abstract or a hobby
If it changes the course of history or be dismissed as artsy

source: "Fighting Talk" by "Son of Sam"
I couldn't find the lyrics anywhere so I transcribed them myself, any mistakes are mine and not by the original author.


I dedicate this story to an overly zealous security guard who probably just needed some human interaction. In all of this I think he didn't even notice that I had put eyes on the wall. Anyways, I'm sorry dude! Now these images are published and your press office doesn't even know about them... let's just hope they don't find the bonus material on the smoke.io testnet ;)

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what a really neat story ... may the googly eyes continue to roam far and wide.


yeah... they're totally staying on the path to success ;)

He looks really grumpy ^^


haha... he was... until I came back and offered him a pow-wow... but that's a story for the treasure hunters

At the academic or university yard and the fallen lyres they lead the learned speeches ;-). And the spilled mouth ... maybe it's not the remains of a photographer without permission.


I stuck with the non-aggression principle... and voluntarily included myself :P

Hmmm, dieses Gebäude erinnert mich an den Campus in Göttingen...auf der anderen Seite gibt es so ein Gebäude bestimmt in zig anderen Städten 🤔


nope... nicht in Göttingen... aber Ortsnamen versuche ich auf steemit ohnehin eher zu vermeiden ;)


Wer weiß wozu das noch mal gut ist...ich kann eh nicht untertauchen. Meine Sorte gibts nur paar Mal 😉

Another brick in the wall :D

Codewords you say hmmmm


Codewords indeed! Unfortunately the smoke.io testnet went down, so there's only one of 3 that's "easily" reachable right now...

the other two are close to impossible to find now... but you'd only need one anyways.

that one was really funny, kinda reminded me this:


lol... wtf was that :P

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amazing story I really like you, you have great creativity great


That's so nice of you to say... but remember, actions always count more than words ;)