Google Links Nations With Submarine Cabling

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Technology continues to accelerate forwards and it would seem that standard consumer technology is continuing to move towards a connected and data driven future. Storage is getting faster, bigger and cheaper. Data services are also following suit and the standard of media consumption and online interactions are becoming ever more bandwidth intensive. It’s not to say that the internet is at its limits but there are always better and greater solutions being developed. Google is of course one of the major players in this field and latest announcements outline plans to develop subsea cabling that will run from the United States, United Kingdom and Spain. Subsea cabling is currently the primary source of internet traffic and Google align with this proven form of regional connectivity.

Code named Grace Hopper after renowned computer scientist Grace Brewster Murray Hopper, the subsea link is envisioned to introduce a new standard of reliability and performance for the connected nations while allowing for Google to implement its own optimizations and security measures in. Unexpected hiccups are to be expected and Google are seeking a dedicated line to implement better routing and switching in the event of outages. It’s the first instance of a subsea cable making use of novel optical switching technology and is proof that fibre optics have come a long way in recent years. Google are dedicated to innovating and pushing network infrastructure around the world and it’s a positive development between these targeted countries. Successful implementation of the fibre optic technology will be a benchmark for other use cases and routes in the years to come, a pilot that is a value adding investment to nations, businesses and consumers.

Works are to be completed by 2022 and I would hope that by that time, recovery and adaptation to the pandemic will see major overhaul and attention to connectivity for remote working and security. Our lives are driven by data and connectivity, reliability and security are a major priority where our society has become heavily dependent on the internet. Streaming, knowledge sharing, emergency services and many other services are now data and network driven. Coupled with machine learning and growing neural network technology, internet traffic and activity will only gain traction. Cryptos will also benefit from better data capabilities and blockchains are fast approaching better architecture. Network nodes and redundancy provided by better inter region connectivity is an exciting future that will continue to push the boundaries of tech and life.

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