Leaked Images Reveal What Google's Next Pixel Smartphone Will Look Like

in google •  2 months ago

Earlier this week, leaked images of the newest iPhone XS and Apple Watch Series 4surfaced online. Apple isn’t the only company suffering from potential leaked images; Google has also been hit, with their newest Pixel 3 smartphone surfacing on forums online. According to DailyMail, an anonymous Reddit user uploaded several shots of what appears to be a pretty legitimate set of photos of Google’s smaller Pixel 3 smartphone.

Screenshot (28).png

DailyMail claims the photos seem quite legitimate not only based on the quality of the leaked images, but the Google logo on the back, and the smartphones matte finish. This isn’t the first time a leak regarding the Google Pixel has surfaced, earlier this summer, a few shots of the apparent Google Pixel 3 XL were leaked online, being featured in a series of colors including both black and white.

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