Two Creative innovations for Productive economics

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Welcome and cordial greetings to all #steemit officials ... ,,, !!!!

Welcome back. And continuing to move in the creative world on the blockchain, I again showed some pictures of innovation for middle and lower economic businesses.

I will peel two different sides

I discuss these two sides because of two different places that I visited some time ago, the first is a chicken farmer and the second is a goat,

These two themes are a creative prospect in the field of animal husbandry / undergoing a better economic wheel for a better life.

1. A native chicken farmer

We are few who think positively in terms of discussing chicken farmers, but chickens are very promising for middle-class entrepreneurs,

We can peel the price per one-week old chicken for 1 $ (1 chick), if we add 100 pieces of chicken, then the total base fee is 100 $.

The normal limit of large chickens is two months to three months and the estimated food needed is 100 chickens = 1.000$ . And if it is sold per chicken at the age of three months 50 $. So the total amount of everything = 5,000 $ - pension capital in installments once harvest = 1,000 $, remaining profit = 2,900 $ - for death - 900 $, total for profit is 2,000 $ / 3 month. Very pretty isn't it !

2. beef goat

Goat is not much different from chicken, to summarize I can write that, the greater the capital costs we spend, the greater the benefits we will get of course. Let's do business ... !!!!

We do not have to miss being a government employee, but become entrepreneurs, become us as boos ..!

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OMG, this is so hilarious, how did you do it?

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Very funny!

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