Here is the Latest Golos 0.14.2 Compiled for Windows x64

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The source code of Golos 0.14.2, just like the official one of Steemit cannot be directly compiled on Windows, you need to do some modifications. Since apparently nobody has released a Windows binary of Golos 0.14.2 I have modified the code and compiled it for anyone interested in trying to mine Golos tokens or to run a local Golos node on Windows system. You can find a download link below, it contains golosd.exe along with all the required files to run it, I have not yet included a version of the CLI_Wallet as I'm still having some trouble compiling it. Will probably also post the modified source code as soon as it is compiling successfully everything...

The code includes the fix for the mining bug that was recently discovered and that I have mentioned earlier today in my Trying to Mine Steem Once More, Not Much Luck Though. Do note that the mining performance you get should be pretty much the same one that you will get for mining Steem, however it should still be easier to mine Golos tokens than Steem Power as there is less mining GPU power there for the moment as compared to Steemit.

The blockchain of Golos is still much smaller than that of Steem, so it is easier and faster to download and does not take up much memory for the moment. The procedure for setting up witness node or a miner is pretty much the same as for Steem, so you can use any of the many available guides for Steem to get started with Golos.

After mining for a little over 24 hours with the new fixed Steem client and managing to get just 1 block I have decided to switch to Golos and see what the results will be after 24 hours of mining there with the same hashrate using a 10-core Xeon CPU (Intel Xeon E5-2650-v3), so I'll be updating you with my results. Meanwhile you are also welcome to try mining Golos if interested...

The developers of Steem and Golos should really consider implementing the code changes to both their official GitHub repositories that will add the proper support for compiling under Windows! Alternatively releasing official binaries for Windows should also be fine. Ignoring Windows users is not something that should be done as this essentially puts a barrier in front of many not so advanced users to trying to mine or run a local node and this should be avoided at all costs!

I have updated the download link to a new one containing the compiled CLI_Wallet.

If you have a question or want to add something, then please leave a comment below.

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if I'll manage to get even 1 block, I'll translate 3 your articles in russian)))

Give it a try... what processor do you use for mining?

ammm silly core i5((

Still might be enough for a couple of blocks a day, though I'm yet to see myself.

estimated time to produce jumps from 110 up to 250 min to produce, 19000 hps

For steemit it is at least 10 times higher and with about 35 Khps I got a block in about 25 hours...

Also posted on Golos here, shorter due to my written Russian not that good:

how can I find U in the steemit chat?

The same username as in here...

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