Visiting the Goldmoney Headquarters

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WOW! What a cool experience to visit the Goldmoney headquarters and get to meet with @par-ee. It is a gorgeous space and I loved getting the FULL Goldmoney experience!

Ps... we find a little @steemmonsters gold while we were there! I think I missed the boat on @goldmatter’s contest - but here are the three pictures request for the post! :)

My sister @maryjaney and I showed up in full force wearing our Goldmoney shirts and sporting our Mene pieces!

Stay tuned for more awesome moments from the Creators conference coming soon!

Xo, Lea

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Did you see my gold??

Just commented recently on three other posts sharing all the fun from Toronto and Gold Money ! Sooo wish I was there @coruscate! maybe next time! Thanks a bunch for sharing, I actually just noticed today that I recieved on Sept 7 my first 50.00 in my Mene Wallet from someone useing my personal invite link, it says in the "type" ( Winback ) with a code. which I put in pretty much all my posts! Haha its so awesome to think that I might actually be able to own some 24k Investment jewelery some day !! woot! 😀✌✌💕👌💕
This is my bitmoji I add to my invite link to Mene ! lol!

Looks like you had a blast! Good times.

Honestly you guys are looking gorgeous... :-)

can u tell me about goldmoney

You look great but can you tell what's this gold money all about??

Que hermosa experiencia vivistes amiga..exito

congrats for visited to goldmoney headquarters

Way to represent with all that beautiful swag!

It sounds like yo are getting the full experience. Enjoy!

Resteemed to my 7,000 followers!

What a great experience! Enjoy it