Goldilock provides the most secure cryptocurrencies and sensitive digital data storage system

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In the system of cryptocurrencies, It's investors or ordinary users' duty to keep his wallet's passwords and private keys secure. They try to secure it by any outdated security measure. That's why in the past few years we have seen many high profile cryptocurrencies has been hacked. The main reason for such a plague is there was no sustainable and protected crypto key custody system. To solve this problem Goldilock builds the next level ecosystem to secure cryptocurrencies and digital assets for individuals and institutions by providing an isolated physical cessation of data from the internet. Let's check how Goldilock provides the most secure cryptocurrencies and sensitive digital data storage system?


Goldilock is new types of cryptocurrencies and digital assets storage system. Which provides cold storage system to isolated the data from internet also provides limited using a non-IP mechanism hot storage system when a user needs access to their private data but there have secure authentication layers.

Goldilock has put up three essential premises:
Users must access their personal data quickly. Otherwise, online data is more useful to hackers than rightful owners.Personal data must be remote from the internet.Personal data must be quickly accessible when needed.


Security Solutions for Consumers:

For the securing of the private key of individual consumers, Goldilock provides an offline storage system which stores the private key to a central secure data center which is totally offline and no connection with internet. Goldilock has no access to consumers key or data. When any consumer tries to access his data then it will online but through an authorized non-IP command but it will automatically disconnect from the internet after legitimate transactions.

Security Solutions for Institutions:

Usually, cryptocurrency institutions store there client's data or key to any online store or deep offline store but this both systems are not secure at all. In Goldilock system institutions can store those key or data to secure cold storage and it will be accessible by authorized non-IP command after this section it will disconnect from the internet automatically.

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