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Suicide, which is the intentional act of taking one's own live has become so rampant off late in the country especially among the young people. This act could be seen arising from a number of factors such as inability of the person with suicide tendency to deal with life stresses, financial problems, academics failure, relationship break up as well as profound pain and illness. All of these usually navigate their way into human mind and cause what I term PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE which ultimately leads to DEPRESSION.
Engaging the issue of suicide from my own personal prejudices, I would say the main reason for the suicide tendencies among young people is THEIR INABILITY TO DIALOGUE OBJECTIVELY WITH THEIR INNER SANCTUM/MIND. Some people when faced with a lot of tribulations always resign to fate instead of them sitting down and weigh other alternatives. And I believe this can only be achieved through dialogue with one's mind and by assessing situations objectively rather than subjectively as the subjective side always hinders the path to alternatives. As far as I am concerned, there are always alternatives to any deadlock situation if one can naked one's mind to an objective interrogation.The inability to interrogate with one's mind in time of depression always leads to what I consider "CHAIN OF EVENTS" these days. These are events that involve taking one's own life. The reason why I see it as chain of events is that the news of one suicide these days always leads to another as the death of one who just took his or her own life would hasten the other that has the tendency to take his/her own life. I noticed that each suicide case serves as a wake up call to another that has the same intention. This is why I termed it "chain of events" because each one leads to the other. Another major reason which I consider to cause suicide tendency is that majority of young people especially students always allow into their minds a number of things that should not have crossed across their mind. For example I know of students whose parents are so poor that they would still be thinking of how to get something across to them in form of financial support while they themselves are still struggling by themselves in school. All of this can lead to depression which ultimately results to suicide. In conclusion, I will stand by my initial stance that it only through objective interrogation with one's inner mind can one prevent any tendency or thought for suicide. This interrogation would have to do with one primary idea which is CLEAR IDENTITY OF ONESELF AND ONE'S ULTIMATE ESSENCE IN LIFE as against those trivial things we encounter or go through in the human world which cause UNNECESSARY DEPRESSION.

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