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Hello Friends.
This is The beautiful golden morning from top of the Kedarkanta Hill's. One of the beautiful photograph from my collection.
This Blue sky & White Ice making this Golden hill's beautiful.
See this photograph in full screen you can really enjoy this nature.
The Golden Rays Making this Hill's more Amazing.
This morning moment are Really awesome.
With friend this is the best place to visit. The height of Kedarkanta Hill's is 3800mtr from ground level.
This beauty is just 10 minutes away throughout the day.
This photograph is take from Apple iPhone X .
Today i am sharing photograph for the contest of goldenhourphotography & pc-magichour.
If you like this photograph then please give upvote and comment.
Thanks for visit friend..

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Amazing and for me thought provoking, reminds me iam on a planet in deepest darkest space bathed in starlight! Earth is such a special place, we need to do more to love it once more! Great pic! Nice 1 @tussar11

Your iphone's camera is making miracles ! The feeling up there must be excellent !

Very beautiful photo my dear friend...

Fabulous picture! You make me want to visit! Keep up the great work.

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Good one @tussar11 lovely shot 👍

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Breath taking view!

Beautiful view!

That's awesome! So sharp and perfect! How do you manage to take this photo with the iPhone X? I've got one too but I guess I wouldn't be able too. Have you got any tips you can share? thanks in advance!

@tussar another fabulous picture my friend! Blessings!

You have the most beautiful pictures!

Amazing picture my friend

Wow beautiful views and photography so good

Excellent photo! Majestic view.

Wow what an amazing place. I would probably crop it a bit tighter with a little less foreground. The layers in the background are amazing.