Lava Sand -Sunset Challenge 365 #78 By Steve J Huggett

cefn sidan pembrey - by steve j huggett (16).JPG

I love these deep orange sunsets and with the tide on its way out has left all these small puddles in the sand and with the light reflecting makes the puddles of seawater look like lava!

Laugharne castle high tide carpark  - by steve j huggett (2).JPG

Would have been a great image without the floating cars lol

What I use

Nikon D7200.
Sigma 18-300m
Software Adobe Lightroom.
Taken by Steve J Huggett.


Pembrey & Laugharne Castle Carmarthenshire Wales UK

Thank you

I appreciate you taking time to read this post and viewing my photos. I hope you enjoyed them. Please let me know what you think in the comments below.

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Image © Steve J Huggett. All Rights Reserved.

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It does look like lava! I know the floating cars aren't really funny, but they do make me smile a little bit.

I think this will only stop if they actually put up a tide warning flag up run by the locals

It seems like the car park could have been built a little farther away from the tide, but I'm no city engineer!

That's the only place it can be, so limited on space in the village. :)