#goldenhourphotography - Sunset on the Beach

in goldenhourphotography •  3 months ago

Hi Dear Steemians Friends

Here, is my submission for the daily photography contest organized by @juliank about #bluehourphotography. When looking at my pictures collection I find out that I have quite a few nice sunsets. I have to say most of the beautiful one were taken in the Southern Philippines on the islands of Cebu, Mactan, Sumilon, and Bohol. Today I share with you two pictures of the same location and view taken at the private beach of the Shangri La Hotel in Mactan during the Sunday resting time. Most of the time when going there, we rent a few Jetskis and ride in between the islands, it is really like in a dream.



Love and Happiness


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Very quiet, calm and peaceful beach!!
Nice walk in the evening!!

Southern Philippines on the island are beautiful land fascinating.
I really like to look at the your photo sunset as it reminds me of the moment
when I go to see the sunset at Phuket beach.Khun @ricko66


That's a outstanding photography and I appreciate your Post and I am happy to see this post and your every post just very amazing and all people like to this your your post..

Hey friend your some post not to see but this time I see this post so happy now.and I realize that your post to great post than other post..

I say that to carry on your activitives and I realize that your can success from this platform..

Really this location is very beautiful and one day I will go this location..

So just it and I will wait for your next post..
Best of luck


Thanks :)

waw it very biutiful photography