Sunset in Da Nang, Vietnam


This may be the shortest post I ever write because I'm still sick and I have to be up for a flight at 4 am.

Da Nang is one of those places that has everything. It has the beach, mountains, baby caves, jungle and city.

Each of them have their own beauty, but I was pleasantly surprised that the city sunset rivals the beach sunset here!

The mountains in the background get me all excited!!! Not excited enough to pee myself, or anything... but I think this place is beyond beautiful.

It's definitely a hidden gem of a place, that's fo' sho'.

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Greetings, beautiful young lady Darling Nomadic

How nice that photo. The image we have here in the West of Vietnam is a country, which has an agricultural population simple who lives in the same fields. That's always been portrayed in the movies in which they were at war with the USA.

How nice that we can see that Vietnam, in addition to beautiful natural beauty, has large, well-structured and buildings that can compete with the buildings of any first world country.

Thanks for posting!!!!!

Good night!!!!

Where to next @nomadicsoul?? I hope a place that has VANGGG


Yep! Ho Chi Minh! They love their VANG here!



Jeez, I guess I have transfered my sickness to you. Sorry, I didn't know about:

I'm still sick and I have to be up for a flight at 4 am.

I wish you quick recovery dear.

And errm, don't PEE on yourself. 🙈😀🙈


Ok I won't! JUST because you told me not to, though. I hope you're feeling better! Are you?


Lol. Ok.

I am very much better now, thanks for asking.

Please get well soon too.

This picture has water, vegetation, mountains and city buildings................. way to capture the spirit of this world!

....... get well soon!


Thank you! I'm halfway there!! I'm only 47% runny nose now! Glad you like all the variation, too. Thanks for appreciating my semi lazy post!

This is great! Hope you’re feeling better :)


Aw thanks!!! Getting there :)

Lovely indeed! I love night shots because of the building and street lights. :)


same! Sunsets are the best. Especially if there are mountains cool builds AND water involved. Happy to see you around again


Sweet! I have this tendency of appearing and disappearing. I got other things on my plate but I try to visit your posts to get a good laugh or some crazy stuff. Hahhaha!


Aw thanks! So sweet!

Sounds like my kind of place ... a little bit of everything :)


YES!!! Why can't every place just have it all?!


Other than warm weather all year long ... NY is like that too .

Sunset yang luar biasa indah sekali, saya sangat suka postigan anda, semoga sukses selalu, sering sering masuk ke akun saya. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Ohh so pretty! I often miss sunsets! But when I catch one, they are so pretty!

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Thanks for the beautiful scene in Vietnam.