Fire In The Sky | Daybreak Photo

in goldenhourphotography •  9 months ago

With a storm rolling in, the clouds were dark and mysterious. The sun finally broke the horizon, and with its deep was like fire in the sky.


Sometimes there is so much beauty in the world it will take your breath away....

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That's amazing. I love photos like this and you were lucky to have nothing to spoil the view; I find that a lot of times I see a beautiful scene there's lamp posts or something like that in front.


Thank you so much! Yes I was lucky that there was a clearing in the trees as well, to really be able to see the full effect.

What an amazing photo! Just stunning! Thanks for sharing it!


Thank you so much!! I’m not much of a photographer, but felt this one was share worthy. Thank you ❤️

Epic twilight. Storm made it look likevan explossion before night engulfing all light


Yes! It has such an eerie feel to it. I’m glad my pup woke me up to go outside so I could witness it. Thank you! 🌷❤️

This is absolutely stunning. It actually took my breath away when I saw it.


Awe thank you so much!! I really appreciate that.

Fire in the sky! Brilliant analogy for a breathtaking shot


Thank you! That is what it screamed to me haha.

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Beautiful colors there. If I didn't know better I'd say that's a nuclear explosion from a distance. Hope you're underground just in case...


Oh man! I almost just spit out my coffee 😂... good point though. I should check the canned goods as well! Thank you so much for the kind words!

Sometimes there is so much beauty in the world it will take your breath away....

Exactly!!! We just don't take the time to really see it, which is a shame... Thanks for sharing some of that beauty with us :-)


It’s so true! We get to busy to see the beauty that surrounds us, it is a shame. Thank you so much! ❤️

Oh wow. Looks amazing. 👍

Spectacular! It does my heart good to see such a gorgeous photo of nature!

Awesome photo. If you take more sunset / sunrise photos look into #sunthursday

I think its still a thing.

Disclaimer: I'm high

Amazing colors!

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