Bankers suppress the prices of gold and silver in the futures markets

in gold •  2 years ago  (edited)

Just take a look at the headlines.

This next chart helps paint the pictures described in the SRSrocco Report.

Here is a blow up of the CME Group Metal Depository Statistics.

The ability of big banks to suppress prices is beginning to fail which can be a great opportunity for those who invest now.

To see how banks plan on stealing money from your bank account go to this link:

Unlike Gold and Silver, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin cannot be manipulated by the big banks. Are cryptocurrencies a good investment or not worth the risk? To learn more, click here:

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Just now landed on this article somewhere from a google search.
More people need to be aware about these things....
The main fact is that 95% of the people believe in the value less "paper money" printed at own will by banks, which is just a note of "promise" rather than value.....