Hot Desert Gold Mining Part 2 | Gold Prospecting & Desert Camping GTAO Vlogs #26 for Friends

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Hey friends, in the hot desert you must work around the heat as best as you can and in this second part of the video series we travel back to the location sampled in GTAO Vlogs #24 and spend two days and nights to get a lot of dry washing for placer gold done the hot desert. The air temperature in day 2 reached about 111 degrees and the ground was over 122 degrees. These conditions are dangerous and not recommended but I'm more experienced than some and I really needed to make this trip! I do end up panning some real nice GOLD, see a few critters, and other fun along the way. Cheers and I hope you like the video friends!
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About Aaron & GTAO Vlogs: Hello my name is Aaron. I'm a novice gold prospector and miner looking to learn and work into larger machine mining especially for placer gold in both desert and mountain regions ...anywhere in the world! For close to 20 years, I worked caring for the elderly in their last months & years. Now I'm working to mine gold for an income & share all types of metal detecting, treasure, gemstone, & meteorite hunting, jewelry making & metallurgy, off-roading, hunting, fishing, camping, survival, bushcraft, & travel type adventures & the learning process with the viewers & supporters of our channel "GTAO VLOGS" on Steemit, Bitchute, YouTube, and more. We hope you find our video content family friendly, original, entertaining, and even educational in unique ways! Thanks for coming along friends and best wishes to you all. Aaron
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Stay Well & Happy Hunting! Aaron -
Thanks for coming along and see you next time friends!
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