Live Gold and Silver Prices Update, Gold Stocks Showcase & More - 15:30 HRS NYT Tuesday 3rd March 2020

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Gold Price, USD Spot




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The current status of gold holdings and other precious metals denoted by country as at 15:15 HRS NYT Tuesday 3rd March 2020

Gold Stocks Selected Showcase


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Remember commodities like precious metals are always considered insurance if the stock or currency markets go south. The price of gold has also just hit a 7 year high. For the last 18 months gold and silver have performed stronger than equities. It's really not a bad idea to consider investing in a little gold or silver. It serves as a great insurance policy.



Do you know where I can find one of these? No? Then let me help you with that.


Yah baby.. it's gonna go to the moon if FED can't control this market more.

Well said, if COMEX wasn't as manipulated as it is we would see a much more organic value for precious metals and a significant increase in price.

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Ha! I watched this entire clip because the old black and white Twilight Zone episodes I really used to enjoy, they were far more narrative rich and often quite eerie. There are a number of positive life maxims we could argue about but pursuing gold is never a bad thing. Of course we can find far more value in other aspects of life, like people, but in our society sadly money is king. That's why I prefer precious metals, because when the stock markets crash gold and silver are great insurance policies. Now tell me where can I get my hands one of those cars!

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