Sound Money Debate with James Turk of Goldmoney

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Check out this very interesting sound money debate with a legend in the gold space, James Turk, co author of “The Money Bubble.”


James Turk, founder of the original company Goldmoney in 2001, and current director.


Some of what you will hear in the debate:

Reasons to own gold...

  • Oil price has basically not changed in gold terms in 70 years

  • Gold preserves purchasing power

  • Money outside the financial system

  • No counter party risk

  • Money you own

  • An oz of gold could by a Roman toga back in the day and a mans suit today

  • Gold is sound money

  • Human liberty dependent upon sound money

  • Gold and Silver in the constitution

  • Save surplus in gold

Hear about all of these things and much much more

I love listening to Mr. Turk and he is one of the main reasons I got into gold in the first place. His down to earth way of explaining thing is helpful for beginners and experts alike.

He has been a huge inspiration for me personally and I hope listeners feel the same.

Enjoy the interview!


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