Crypto surging hard as gold hits new all-time high

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Gold just jumped to $2147 USD, the highest price ever, a sign that the Dollar has never been weaker. The purchasing power of fiat currencies around the world has never been worse, and continues to head lower relative to hard assets like precious metals. Gold and silver are real money, with value contained in the metal itself, not set by government decree (fiat). Gold and silver have an unbroken 5000+ year history of being used as money, in every place humans have ever lived. As fiat currencies crumble, gold is unwavering. Meanwhile, another competitor to centralized bank currencies - Bitcoin - is also having a dramatic price jump. Looks like something has broken behind the curtain...


Notice the tall red candle on the right - that's today. After the spike to $2147, the price was instantly hammered down, and relentless selling of insane volumes of gold gradually achieved a retraction. In fact, the price is currently below 2060, putting today significantly in the red, and returning the price back below the previous all-time high of 2082 set back in May.

The Monday financial headlines should be talking about gold's new all-time high, but thanks to an impossibly-large amount of short selling, will be able to ignore it. Gold and silver are the canaries in the coal mine, telling the world when the economy is falling apart. The elitists and central bankers simply can't allow them to shine, and have done everything in their power for decades to keep people from buying and owning precious metals.

Fact remains, gold just hit a new high in USD. As I've been mentioning for a while, gold has been priced at all-time highs in all global currencies other than the USD. Now it's official, gold has never been more expensive, anywhere on the planet.

This was the chart yesterday, when I predicted it was about to pop:

Gold hit $2875 CAD here in Canada. It was under $1000 CAD when I recommended my followers, friends, and family buy and hold it.

I think the next year or two will be absolutely insane for gold and silver. Unprecedented things are about to happen, on a regular basis, and most of us won't be able to keep up. Physical gold and silver will retain value in essentially any possible future.


It's nice to see cryptocurrencies doing well right now, too. Litecoin, Ethereum, even Shiba Inu... everything is pumping. BLURT is looking good at 0.37c each. But all eyes are on BTC:


Look at all those recent weeks of the price going up! I posted last week, at $37000, reasons why Bitcoin was about to spike, and predicted the next 2 years will be extremely bullish.

Here's the long-term chart (going back 11 years), with a blue line every 4 years, showing the repeating cycle:

What's next? Why are you asking me? I'm only THE best predictor of Bitcoin prices going back 10+ years, before most people reading this had even heard of crypto. I've made more correct calls than any other Bitcoin price analyst. A lot of people have become very rich following my analysis. But that's up to you, I'm just calling it how I see it... and with a 100% track record, I'm probably right!

What's next is a further move to 44k, and then a correction, before a resumption of the trend to new highs in 2024, and a blowoff top in 2025.

Cryptos and precious metals are hot right now... and I love it! Go F**K yourself, central bank fiat currencies!!



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