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The headlines today were not that spectacular, it appeared that the theme of the day was focused around Trump’s comments, and how they roiled the markets, but not Gold & Oil as Bulls & Bears Battle it out!


"Oil Bull Bears" Original Art by (me) Nick Thompson

Trump is back at trying to get his wall, and he is not scared of shutting down the US government to do so.

All of this Trumbug got me thinking about the current geopolitical risk versus the future, and suddenly I realized that now may be the time to diversify by stocking up on commodities like Gold and Oil while the prices are low.

Currently Gold is around $1280, lately I have noticed the price has started to tick up a little!

I am not new to Gold trading, so I decided to add DGP the Double Long Gold ETN. If you look at the chart below you can see that the price is low, time to buy!


Oil is a commodity that has taken a big dive, and may be poised to go up in value in the next few years!

Oil is off the lows, and is starting rally back! Right now Oil is hovering a few bucks under $50 a barrel, however if it breaks $50 a barrel psychological factors might push it up even more. Who knows what geopolitical instabilities will arise in the future for oil? Looking to history is the best way to predict the future, if you look back it shows gas and oil have big dips, and then huge spikes that pinnacle in shortages and “peak oil” crises! From what I know about the past, it is obvious that I better brush up on a few of my old oil stocks. One stock that seemed to jump out at me was USO, and low and behold it was under $10! I used to trade it at levels a lot higher. I remember when it was $40-$50. At this low to me price, I could not resist, so I picked up a little United States Oil Fund shares today! Check out the 5 year chart of USO


USO looks like it is at the lows, it may be time to pick up some cheap US Oil!

Here are my actual trades from today!


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I am so tired of Trump's comments and the things that are happening around his comments and ideas.
Great post though !

Yeah nice to see oil and gold finaly picking up again. But crypto is the here and now. Sadly i don't have to much investment money. But everyone started small :)

I''l stick with crypto for now but its good to know the market, thanks alot to keep us informed!

thank you for sharing sir @coininstant

After a long good to see that gold is picking up a little bit but nothing in front of Crypto :D


Yeah, crypto is the King! Gold and oil are really long term, but crypto is now!

Seems like every day people are rallying around Trumps comments to be honest. You're right though, now is a good time to invest in gold. Nice post!

good post @coininstant
i,m resteem

great post coininstant! This is the right time. You want to buy gold So can buy. map! keep it up! and thanks again for following!

@coininstant you are awesome guy you always help me through your vote through your post Thanks men i never ever forget you


You are very welcome, thank you!

Great content! Every day Trump is doing some contraversial things yesterday Trump blames media for fallout over Charlottesville comments. In my opinion Obama sir is best President compared to Trump sir... thanks again for sharing!

great info
thanks for sharing

Thanks is just little word for you my dear friend you are really kind person

Great article mr @coininstant ,
Really informatif, thanks for sharing

sir, great

the information were nice and thorough got to know some new details about the Gold