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Gofind XR is described as a decentralized extended reality (XR) platform and a persistent virtual world on top of the real world that is powered by the Ethereum blockchain and InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). The digital content in Gofind XR is overlaid on top of the real world in AR, using a smartphone or smart glasses, which far outweighs that of the digital worlds that are based on virtual reality. (VR). With the Gofind XR innovation, users remain connected to the real world and other people around them, while simultaneously experiencing virtual content.

Gofind possesses its own economy and virtual currency called XR token which is used to register land and make transactions on the XR Web. This is the new 3D Internet upon which various applications including social media, games, and shopping can be built on this new XR Land. Through the utilization of XR tokens, investors and users can stake them to certain geographical locations and get a revenue share from ads or transactions in the applications from transaction fees and applications.

How it works

  • Get XR Token
    Acquire XR Tokens through a purchase and stake your tokens on Gofind XR Web geolocations via the XR Estate web app. The Tokens are readily available on public and private token sales. Immediately after the sale, tokens will exclusively be available on exchanges. However, the XR developers can still get tokens from the XR VC Fund (24% allocation) by building XR apps.

  • Join the XR Economy
    With the Gofind XR browser, you enjoy location-aware XR apps built by developers around the world in one place. Developers collect fees and payments from the placed ads in the XR Estate by the Advertisers and a percentage of these revenues generated are shared with the XR token holders.

  • Receive passive income
    The XR token holders who are the real owners of the XR web keep receiving their revenue share from the activities done on the XR Web even when their tokens are held as staked to geolocations. This Passive income benefit is automated whereby it is continuously deposited in the XR token holders’ multi-currency XR wallet.

  • Trade, Bid, Exchange
    The XR token holders can as well trade digital assets (including XR Estate) for trade on fixed price or highest bidder and the for the unstaked coins can be traded in top crypto exchanges

Why you need the Gofind XR Token

Growing market

Join a growing Sector. Gofind XR is in two of the fastest growing industries;

  1. The Worldwide AR industry is anticipated to grow 700% in the next 5years and hit $209 by 2023(Statista).
  2. Global Mobile Advertising is expected to reach $197 Billion by 2020(Zenith)


GoFind Tokens will start trading on public crypto exchanges that act like stock exchanges, which will set the price of GoFind Tokens by matching buy and sell orders. The demand for the Gofind XR Tokens will grow as the market increases. There will be no creation of new tokens after the token sale.

Legal & Compliance

Gofind XR strives to adhere to all applicable regulations and legal guidelines. Gofind XR also promises to file the offer and sale of GoFind XR Tokens with the SEC, under Regulation D and Regulation S of the U.S. Securities Act. Every Purchaser is required to pass through the “KYC”, anti-terrorism and “AML” procedures in order to comply with regulations.

Transparency and reliability

Through the implementation of Smart contracts, ownership and value in the XR Web can be transparently allocated with democratic principles.


GofindXR is building the first platform for the future of personal computing by combining patent-pending AI technology with XR technology.

Decentralised Web 3.0 ecosystem

GofindXR is building the first ever global Web 3.0 ecosystem on Blockchain through bringing together hundreds of developers and apps.

For more details. Visit the sites below;

GofindXR Website

White paper

GofindXR announcement post on steemit


The information contained in this post is not financial advise. Its compiled according to personal research. Please endeavor to do your own research or consult your financial adviser before considering to invest.

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