Gofind XR - It's time to get creative and extend the reality.

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I believe that GOFIND XR ICO is going to bring a revolution to the Internet, I'll tell you why. GOFIND XR is a newly created blockchain technology; it is a mixture of an Extended Reality known as the XR platform and a search engine. GOFIND XR is building a modern layer of the Internet. The platform allows a wide variety of digital assets. Examples of these assets are data frameworks, XR modules, and different apps. The GOFIND XR platform intends to change the way we utilize the Internet space, this is the revolution I meant at the start of this article. GOFIND XR has provided an opportunity for interested individuals to invest in their tokens via an ICO, I will be dropping more information about the ICO. Here is more about this newest technological revolution on the Internet.


It is known that the Internet is currently in its form which is 2 Dimensional (2D) in nature, and gradually we are moving into the next phrase; a Spatial World or a 3 Dimensional (3D). As regards to this revolution, the internet is expected to improve so as to fulfil the new necessity posed by the advancement of technology.

This is why GOFIND XR was created, to solve this problem. The platform offers a resource known as Gofind.world - Gofind.world is a framework that consists of a search engine, browser and of course the Blockchain technology. With these resources working together they create a 3 Dimensional (3D) or spatial layer which places Extended Reality known as (XR) on the best spot of the Internet. This will in turn, give room for a more interactive and realistic internet environment.


Data on the Internet is stocked in 2D. Nevertheless, the presence of technological innovations has generated a modern digital platform called the Near Field 3D Space. By infiltrating this space, individuals can be allowed to get relevant information about events, navigation and about the people we meet and much more. Gaining this kind of information in real time permits us to have the best experience, using the Internet in a more rewarding way.

Extended Reality (XR) was created by the GOFIND engineering team, with the aim of generating a modern type of reality. XR is the quick fix that can be a link between the 2D and the 3D internet. As a result of implementing this modern technology on the Internet, automatically, they have created the XR Web.

GOFIND XR provides the digital resources and the software tools needed to create new applications on this digital playground. It ensures that all that is needed to occupy and navigate the XR Web. This is the part I love most, in this new innovative technology the real world is the user's interface! that's not all, GOFIND XR combines the physical and digital dimensions using 3D Computing in a seamless manner.


The decentralization of social media by the Steem blockchain has already broken new grounds. Therefore, the partnership between GOFIND XR and Oracle-D has taken it all to the next level, this is the world's first Decentralized Extended Reality (XR) oriented social platform. This platform is powered by Steem and GOFIND XR blockchain. Gofind XR Portal app is accessible by any smartphone, with the GOFIND XR Portal app. To participate in this opportunity, the first step is to take part in the ICO coming up, details are below. Time to get creative and extend the reality.

ICO Price - 0.1500 USD.

Date February 20, 2019.

End Date March 19, 2019

You can invest in it and be rewarded with infinite returns by buying GFD tokens in the ICO today!

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