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It was about two days ago I shared a post about an innovation that will change the future of social media forever (in my opinion). I’m talking about Gofind XR; the world’s first decentralized social media platform built on Extended Reality and leveraging on community-oriented technologies like the STEEM blockchain.

Being the first platform to enable users to post contents that can be based on Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality or Extended Reality is groundbreaking but that’s not everything they have to offer. Pay attention to this next part. The STEEM blockchain is the first blockchain to take the seamless monetization of social media mainstream. Gofind XR is using the same algorithm or say concept (for the purpose of the non-technical guys reading this) to create a monetization scheme on this Extended Reality platform.

This means that Gofind XR will be offering their users dual benefits; a better social media interface supporting 2D/3D contents together with a monetization scheme that guarantees that the voice of every valuable content creator is worth something. Several attempts have been made in the past to create a true monetization scheme for social media content and most of them haven’t really yielded any positive result. This is why I’m very satisfied when Gofind XR turned to the STEEM blockchain to create an avenue for their users to benefit from this already prepared solution created by the STEEM development team.

However, Gofind XR isn’t coming to the table with empty hands. They will be advancing most of the features already existing on most STEEM dapps to ensure that their platform meets the standard of most social media out there. In other words, aside from being a social platform that’s built on Extended Reality and allows the monetization of valuable contents via the STEEM blockchain, Gofind XR will be integrating more features in order to keep their platform up-to-date and competitive.

To spice up the monetization scheme, Gofind XR will issue some tokens of their own and the holders of these tokens will have a percentage share in the revenue that will be generated from adverts on their platform. What is written in their whitepaper indicates that only holders of at least 500 XR tokens will benefit from this. One of the easiest ways of getting these tokens is buying them with STEEM tokens. About four days ago the value of each XR token given at a discounted rate to steemians can be swapped at 1 Steem = 10 XR . That means that, in order for you to get the minimum of 500 XR tokens that are needed for you to enjoy the revenue share from advertisements, you will only be needing 50 STEEM tokens. Isn’t that beautiful?

In my last post, I talked about some basic features of Gofind XR such as the browser, the XR web and token. Let me take it a step further now before signing out by letting you know some other features that make Gofind XR a better choice when choosing social media interfaces;


This is the homogeneous system of URLs pointing to exact locations in the XR Web from a distant location than the location in reference. It can be accessed by compatible XR browsers also made by Gofind using the prefix ‘xtpps://’.

XR Lens Store & SDK

Lenses are similar to web apps in 2D internet. Lenses are built using the free SDKs (Software Development Kit) in Unity and Javascript.

XR Ads engine

Gofind XR ads engine is a self-serve platform for marketers to place ads on this amazing XR world and for developers and builders to get their share of revenue. This XR component allows all users to view ads in virtual reality as well as XR Web. The Ad engine will be open to serve ads in XR Land (digital arena) as well as in other AR (augmented reality) applications outside the XR.

This is really amazing guys and I hope you give it a try as early as possible. The application is still in demo on Android and iOS devices.

For any questions on the ICO, please visit https://www.gofindxr.com and feel free to email to ico@gofindxr.com

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