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RE: World's first Decentralised Social Media platform on Extended Reality powered by XR and Steem

in #gofindlast year

Hi, this sounds like a very cool and ambitious project, can't wait to here more from it. However, why are you distributing an ERC-20 token when you could be distributing a token made on Steem-Engine?


We need our XR token to be usable on Metamask , exchanges and other payment infrastructure from Day 1 as our token is aimed at mass consumer use. It is hard for us to build both dapps and infrastructure at the same time. We support Steem as the social media layer on XR apps is powered by Steem it will lead to new uses and demand for steem.

Plus we will be

  • holding $100K worth of Steem for IEO/ICO to help in valuation,
  • keeping a delegation pool of SP for curating AR content on Steem and
  • XR SDK will have integration to Steem
  • open sourcing some of the Steem based APIs our backend is based on as current Steem APIs are not so powerful and does not support well Unity and other frameworks

I just want to reiterate that within the XR apps such as social media, it uses a combination of Steem and XR so it's a win-win situation.

Hope you will decide to purchase XRs