Playing Gods Unchained After Reset

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Back to Zero


Gods Unchained reset all account back to level zero and all of the core cards that were gained over the past couple months during the beta were removed. So that makes everyone back to a level playing field. Sort of....

All of the Genesis Card packs sold out and all cards that were purchased from those packs are still in your inventory, so you are able to use them to create decks with, alongside the cards that you start with.

Starter Decks


For now I will be back to using the starter decks to try and level up my account again and move up in the ranks and earn the new "Neutral" packs that replaced the "Core" packs that you previously earned when leveling up.

I made a video of some of the first matches I played this morning after the reset. One of the hardest parts of this whole reset was that everyone was set back to zero and you get paired up against some players that may have been massive levels before and have purchased hundreds or thousands of Genesis Packs.

I played 4 matches this morning and I won one of them. I started off with Auros, the God of War, but lost both of those matches against some dude named Darkwing Duck. That was one of my favorite cartoons back in the day, but it sucked going up against this guy twice in a row.

Then I switched to Malissus, the Goddess of Death, and I won one of those matches. I lost the match against the Nature God, because that god has an OP power that allows her to draw six cards from her void for only 2 mana. So towards the end of the match, I ran out of cards and she had pretty much an endless supply of cards. Hopefully they do something about that and reduce the number of cards she is allowed to draw or something because that spell is way too powerful in my opinion. I've always hated going up against Nature and this just makes it worse.

Join our team


If you are into games like Magic the Gathering, Hearthstone or Splinterlands, you should give Gods Unchained a try. It is free to play and easy to get an account set up. You don't need to link any crypto wallets or anything.

We have a team here on Steemit that you can be a part of. Join us in the OCD Discord and become an Unchained God. We have tournaments where you can earn Steem and other prizes.

We look forward to seeing you on the battle field.

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you only get one card per turn out of the void with Nature. Your void HAS to be empty or under 6 cards to get a card. It is working so well right now because the cards people are pulling out are the core cards no one had.

Soon the Nature deck will be bad again once people get their core/base cards back.

What is this God’s Unchained thing? I’ve been living under a rock. I tried to play Splinterlands but had no idea what I was doing. 😆

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Well it looks like you should join our discord then, lol.

That is the website for the game. It is free to start playing. Then you can be a nerd like us.

Thanks! !giphy nerds

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you broke the giphy, lol

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Ok, will need to check the ocd part, I play the game and enjoy it, even bought some cards and am waiting for the marketplace to open this week (or next)
But being able to get some additional steem on top is new to me