Gods Unchained Champion Reveal #2 - Neferu

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Derek (Producer) and Andrea (Lead Game Designer) brought us the latest official Twitch stream -- this one revealing the second of the six Champions that will be arriving with Season One. Here is a summary of the stream.

Neferu, Champion of Death

Neferu is an Anubian and has a very nice Circe-like effect (dealing 3 damage to all other characters), in addition to her unique Afterlife ability. Also note that the text on the card is 'when this creature is summoned' rather than a Roar, which will make for some interesting combos with Death's various return from the Void options! She is an excellent control card.


Nether's Advocate and Trial of the First Pillar

First of the other card reveals is Nether's Advocate, a small Death creature that summons an 'Experimental Outcome' as an Afterlife effect. No details as to what that actually is, but it was implied that there would be other cards that also summoned these Experimental Outcomes, and that it wouldn't be limited to Death. Most curious...

Trial of the First Pillar: More strong Control for Light. Note that the Pillar can gain and keep strength


Neferu's Khopesh and Neferu's Will

Neferu brings us a pretty amazing finishing card for zoo and creature oriented decks, and a rather interesting Relic.


Champion #3

After the silhouette reveal, someone in chat suggested it was the Champion of Catapults. Andrea laughed but responded, "If you put catapults into a deck that was using this character you would not be doing it wrong"!


Other Info

  • they want to deepen gameplay and broaden gameplay
  • all cards are subject to change before release
  • each God sets the trial for the Champion of a different God
  • six Pillars
  • there's another 'thing' that we will see soon
  • there will be another stream on Thursday that is more dev focused
  • other champion animations are coming later
  • new loading screens coming
  • updates to sealed and draft in the works but its not the current priority


You can watch the stream video in the link below

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