Gods Unchained Markets are alive, here are some Bundles!

in godsunchained •  2 months ago 

Starting with the best-for-buck Bundle:

Agrodor Protector x 14 + Aetherfuel Alchemist x 3 + Alms For Service x 7 for just 0.019 ETH

27 Cards for just 0.098 ETH

Epic Diamond Bronco with Common Diamonds

Most Expensive Last Sold Card

Avatar of Magic ID #58067701 for 2.35 ETH

Big oof, because I need the Avatar of Magic for my planned mage deck... Maybe I need to search for a cheaper quality :)

*Did you buy some cards already? If yes, what's you plan? Buy cheap and hodl, or go all in (and play)?

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I had my first play yesterday

Posted using Partiko iOS

and? :)

I had trouble installing the game and understand how to play.

@ash, I'd also like to try a game on the EOS blockchain, do you know anything?

there is no good card game on EOS yet, but checkout https://cryptoswordandmagic.com/

Hi, @ash!

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