Some thoughts about the psychology of Wilhelm Reich

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Man - an orgasmic creature. Dialectic x-ter of psychoanalysis; sex-economy; biosoft. function of labor; orgasmic energy; the sexuality of fascist symbolism; x-terra structure; marriage and family. Reich wants to overcome the limited conception of man's sexual needs so far only during his sexual maturation. Libido occurs in the earliest childhood and passes through certain stages of development - from the genital forms of infantile sexuality, to developing the form of genital sexuality in adults. It connects neuroses with unsatisfied tendencies.

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With the term "sex-economy," Reich points to the way of regulating biological energy or saving the individual's sexual energies. Sex-economics means the way an individual regenerates his or her biological energy, ie. how much of it he has started and how much of it he launches organically. Society has sexually-negative religion. To live sexually-economically. to satisfy our aspirations, avoiding the prohibitions and social taboos. neuroses are a consequence of suppression of sexual life. The family does not have to educate the child so negatively. Reich establishes in history 2 periods: matriarchy, free of sexual suppression; and a patriarchate, for whom the terrestrial repressive attitude towards sexual aspirations. A sexual revolution is needed.

Based on his "sex-economic" theory, Reich describes the biosocial function of labor. There are 2 types of human labor: no pleasure (forced); who gives pleasure (natural). The pleasure of labor must not be sought in its achievements, but in the work itself. When a person enjoys his labor, we call his connection to this "libidonous". Labor and sexuality are intimately intertwined. The link between the sexual life of the workers and the efficiency of the work is crucial. It is not true that the more work is done, the more sexual energy is taken away at the expense of satisfaction. On the contrary. Ensuring a fully satisfying sex life on work tables is the most important prerequisite for efficiency and enjoyment of work. According to Reich, two forces are deployed in every person's life.

He can either stand on them or fall into them - God and the Gender. Man is faced with God and sexuality. Sex does not have to fall into the mystic. Orgasm is a fundamental biological phenomenon. Like breathing, orgasmic discharge is a major function of any living system. Neuroses arise as a result of depressed society's suppression of "orgasmic life energy". Neurotic symptoms arise as a result of the conflict between primitive instincts and moral requirements that prohibit their satisfaction. Reich divides x-terra into 2 types - genital and neurotic. The family produces this fucked-up neurotic with their child-abiding education. Marriage means permission for sex.

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