Dante and his poetry /part 3/

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The artistic insight is contained in the claim of the beauty of the loving woman - love sprouts and beautifies. All New Life researchers did not fail to quote the prose fragment, in which Dante portrays the likeness of the stylists: "I tell you that when it appeared somewhere, because of the hope of meeting her miraculous look for me, no enemies existed , because the flame of compassion that compelled me to forgive everyone who offended me encompassed me. And if someone asked me something, I was only responding to him with the word "love," and my face expressed humility."

"Dante's Dream" by Dante Rossetti, 1871 image source

Burckhart commented, with obvious admiration, on this fragment. Dante has not sung his Beatrice anywhere more beautiful than where he describes only the reflection of her being on the whole environment. But here we are not talking about poetry that follows its own goals, but about the ability to portray in some words both special and ideal forms. The concept of "The Sweet New Style" for Lovely is brilliantly protected in Dante's famous sonnet, beginning with the verse Today, every virtue deserves. Perhaps this sonnet by Dante has contributed to the greatest extent for shaping the complex idea for Beatrice, which he said was separated from its surroundings as a real unique and wonderful. Her aesthetic or possibly aestheticized being is the first and absolute sign of human personality. Morality is the kingdom of necessity. Beauty is the kingdom of freedom. Beauty sets itself apart. It is true that beauty is in the attitude and not purely objective quality of the object, but precisely in this respect the most powerful and compelling point is the voltage of the lovely object to remain self-sufficient and its attractiveness that is magical, becomes an aesthetic treatment in terms of domination and obedience. The wonderful disappears from the horizon of our perception to the extent that there is admission or the consciousness that it is wonderful because of the perceiver. .

The comparison of Beatrice's face with "heavenly angel". The angel here is among others. The angelic is summoned, for otherwise, how to express in a rational way the rationally inexpressible aesthetic, which is otherwise self-sufficient. We have no right to modernize the world of Dante, for whom the purely aesthetic, distinct and self-sufficient aesthetic is alien. However, the emphasis on beauty is already sufficient for Dante's worldview and a way of thinking and living. Another object of interest for New Life researchers is the motif of the beloved's eyes, which are perceived as "a source of radiant light that exalts and ennobles the one who sees them." In the famous Sonnet "In his eyes, the beloved wears Amor" Dante reaches the mystical insight that everything he touches with his favorite looks improves. Dante does not reach Peter's ability to portray his beloved wife. Perhaps the main reason for this is not in the absence of poetic craftsmanship, but in the fact that the poet is looking for his beloved in himself, following Bernard de Claire's prescription of self-absorption.

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Rossetti's largest painting and one of my dream to see it with my own eyes the original master piece at Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, Merseyside, England.
Rossetti created a visionary symbols by including the green clothes of Beatrice's attendants signifying hope, Spring flowers in the foreground symbolizing purity, and red doves for love.

Nowadays there aren't such incredible artists like in that era. It's very sad. At least, we have all of the paint they created to continue amaze us.

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