Kindness Begins With Me

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My mom had a go-to song that she would sing when my siblings and I were fighting. While there are many interpretations for this little ditty (and some of them not terribly positive) there is one interpretation that I really like.

I want to be kind to everyone

For that is right, you see

So, I say to myself, remember this

Kindness begins with me

It usually worked (I think) in getting us to stop bickering, at the very least so that we didn’t have to listen to the song again.

When I think about that song now, I prefer to focus on how to implement the words within myself. I’m just as guilty as anyone else in engaging in deficit thinking and when it comes to building the kind of life my family and I deserve, being kind to myself is key to what is being built.

Berating myself for struggling to get out of bed isn’t going to help anyone (but tweeting about it might help me).

Marinating in negativity because we’ve had fast food for dinner three times in the past week is probably not going to motivate me to cook healthy next week.

And having imaginary arguments in my head with those I love isn’t going to help foster the positive relationships we all need to thrive.

If kindness truly begins with me, it means being kind to myself. Kindness to oneself is a radical act of self-care that helps you build a life that you don’t need to escape from.

What is one thing you can do this week to build a more compassionate life for yourself?


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Yeah, fast food is terrible.

I'm glad you got something out of the post, even if you completely missed the main point.

Ha, yeah, many people can focus too much on negativity. So, I always tell people to focus on what they can do. So, I love what you are saying.

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