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Every day brings each of us challenges we must face and deal with. It’s how we deal with these challenges that not only defines us, it’s what creates our future.

The problem is that day-to-day “noise,” when focused on, can completely blow us off course and keep us there. If you’re focused on the interruptions that come our way daily, moving out of the mess toward the freedom you want, likely becomes impossible.

So, how do you get past this? How do you deal with the daily issues, while still maintaining our forward motion toward your goal of Perpetual Wealth, financial and time freedom?

It’s easier than you might think…

First, you need a daily routine and second you need a process. Your process is the key.

Creating a process that consists of two critical elements will allow you to deal with the “day-to-day” stuff, while still moving toward whatever it is you want to accomplish.

In my program The Achievers’ Formula, I detail exactly how to do this in about seven minutes a day.

However, in brief, I’ll break the process into two elements for staying focused on the end goal instead of the daily noise.

  1. Having a daily “task-based” mantra – I call these PPMs (Personal Programming Messages).
  2. Knowing which tasks must be completed each and every day.

Here’s a short elaboration…

Most gurus tell you to write your goals down and some even say to look at them every day. While not a bad idea, this method missed one fundamental and highly important points.

You need to know what to do each day to accomplish these goals. You MUST include a process of small tasks that are going to get you to interim, measurable points of success. Just knowing the end result makes it far too easy to fall off track, because you don’t have built in to your daily routine the tasks to get there.

The other point, of knowing the most important tasks may sound similar to the first; however, it is quite different. What I’m talking about here, is time-efficiency.

Most people are wasting at least one hour a day of productive time. Usually more.

And, I prove this to you in The Achievers’ Formula with my 7-day Time Efficiency Challenge. There isn’t one person I know of that has taken the Challenge and not found time in their week they can use to change their future. (in other words build a business part-time)

Many people have told me that the benefit of the time efficiency section of the program is worth more than the full investment into the program.

But staying focused on the tasks of the day, allows you to stay calm and PRODUCTIVE in the face of the daily challenges you face!

And it only takes about seven minutes a day!

I could go on, but like I’ve said, I have a complete program for you.

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