Brief Thoughts on my Artistic and Philosophical Intentions by Joan Pope

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Detail of The Sacred by Joan Pope

This was something I originally posted on Instagram this week and I've added some afterthoughts below.

My intention as an artist and philosopher is to get you to ask the questions, and answer them for yourself. Sometimes people get what sort of questions I want them to ask, but then they just ask me for the answers! What is the benefit to you if I answer them for you? Who the fuck cares what I think? I’m a nobody who knows nothing. I’m trying to get you to ask the questions I’ve asked myself along the way so that maybe you discover some truth within you. And I prefer not to communicate in explicit text for a variety of reasons, one big reason being that I prefer the universal language of symbols. And because fucking hell.. anything you write on the internet becomes an eternal testament and everyone is a cunt to you if, god forbid, your views on something change over time. (As if allowing your worldview to evolve as you experience and learn more over time is a bad thing.)

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Some afterthoughts to add:

For those that have been following me along the way as I've built SexDeathRebirth, you may have noticed that I refer to it as a cult (in the academic sense, rather than the popular sense) or religion. Specifically, I call it a gnostic cult. Allow me to refresh for you what that means: Gnosis is inner knowledge, attained by turning inward. Any sort of revelations I have had, are possible for you to have as well, but I cannot experience it for you. You must do the work yourself. Like I said, I am trying my best to inspire you to ask yourself the questions that I've asked myself, the questions that have lead me to more questions, then more questions... and I gained some understanding along the way. I can only show you what has helped me along the way on my particular path, but you cannot walk the same exact path as anyone else. SexDeathRebirth is a religion in the sense that it may provide a blueprint for your journey to Gnosis, but if you are looking for me to provide you with a dogmatic, institutionalized structure, you're missing the point.

I will address the limits of language at a future point..

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I love the idea that she may have existed.