GLUON (GLU) token (Quarks proved exchange)


Journey from 2014,

Gluon project started in 2014 by an active community of experienced ENGINEERS and SCIENTISTS with the vision of interconnecting automotive operations into a single ecosystem.

The project execution started in 2015 by developing a device prototype that communicates with vehicle, in which application of it was filed. The project has attracted big organizations in recent years as viable product was presented at SEMA in Las Vegas and Autosport show in Birmingham

Why do I need GLU token?

The project is no more under development but has been proved working, this makes it an exceptional project. The upgrade on the project is what would make it superb in the very nearest future.
GLUON community has taken into considerations of the world wide vehicle count (1.115billion) as of 2012 by aiming to connect individual ownerships and maintenance end to end. For this reason the project has outweighed to a big project.

The collective bond of the team is what makes it a prospect among all automobile industries as it is comprised of distinguished personnel that has worked on many successful projects. GLUON is a strong community backed by experienced professionals.

However, holding GLU token can give your access to GLUON diagnostic, monitoring, performance tunning, fleet management, and payment solution services.

What to know about GLU token?

A total of 200 million (200,000,000) GLU token has been created with estimated value of $40 million dollars (as of present since value can vary). Large percentage (62.5%) of the token is available for presale and public token sales.
The presale starts August 7,2017 and ends August 17,2017 while the token sales is set to start on August 18,2017 and to end on September 17, 2017.

Download the white paper and also
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