Weird Bongs, Broken Glass and Burns

in #glass2 years ago


I got on the Torch this morning to attempt to fix this bong with a new neck. Halfway through with a broken first attempt at a neck and a good burn to the hand I decided to stop before I broke the whole thing which I think was for the best.

Now John's suggesting I get on the Torch oh dear

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I keep a vial of lavender essential oil next to my stove to put on burns. Until you try it you will not believe how well it works. Must be applied immediately and undiluted. Keep it on there and next day there will be no blistering, swelling or redness. Be careful out there. I enjoy seeing your work.

I have this stuff I got from walmart that seems to be like aloe, tea tree oil and perhaps alcohol but whatever it is it gets rid of burns and the pain like nothing else.

I just drench my burn, this time on my fingers, and keep working. When it dries and hurts, add more LOL