Rise 'n Shine! Tips from a glassblower on getting your glass like new again.

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How can you get back that fresh, clear, and clean glass you remember bringing home from the shop?

With Grunge Off of course!











Whether you have a glass pipe that is desperately in need of cleaning, or just a piece smudged piece of glass jewelry, this is this stuff for you. Grunge Off is my go to glass cleaner, and I purchase it at smoke shops or online.

Please keep a few things in mind before we get started. Water will ruin Grunge Off. The grunge off will go bad over time and start change from its normal transparent orange color. I reuse the same bottle about 20 or 30 times before getting a new one. This really depends on how often you clean, and how dirty the piece is.

Working as a glassblower I constantly am in need of this magical liquid, and it saves the day consistently. I use it very often in my shop and at home. Please check out some of my glass work on my profile! 

This post will focus on using Grunge Off to clean your used pipes. I will use clear glass to demonstrate how powerful this stuff really is. Be sure to have a fine wire mesh strainer handy! This can be found at any grocery store.

Follow these 3 very simple steps.

STEP #1:

Empty your peice of water if there is any. Water will ruin Grunge Off. Look at all that nasty resin and oil! Let's get that grunge right off!

STEP #2:

Now that your tube is empty of water like in the picture above, pour in Grunge Off until piece is full, but not overflowing. If it is a regular pipe that fits in your hand use a small plastic bin with a lid. Try to at least submerge the dirtiest spots with the cleaning solution. Find a safe place for it to sit where it cannot be knocked over. Soak for a few hours for a normal cleaning job, and soak for 24 hours if the pipe is VERY dirty. If needed, use a cork or any of kind of plug for large awkward waterpipes. I start soaking my glass before work to be sure I can have a clean smoke after work. It's a great way to end the day!

STEP #3:

Pour the Grunge Off out of the glass through a strainer back into the Grunge Off bottle, plastic bin, or in my case something that helps your pour into a smaller bottle. I like to keep my Grunge Off in a bottle with a squirt top. Rinse the glass with hot water. 

Enjoy your sparkling clean glass, you've earned it!

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Dude you put some time in on this.
Amazing work.
Ain't nothing like the feel, taste, or flow of CLEAN GLASS!
I use No Pong Bong, it's a charm!


Have you ever tried using Metho and Sugar?
The Metho won't dissolve the Sugar, and it acts as the abrasive agent...
Good cheap effective way to have a pro apparatus looking and smoking good!


Thanks for your kind response bob! I have followed you :)

Yes I have tried this method. Also tried using isopropyl alcohol and salt . Used these method for a few years until some of the glassblowers that I look up to showed me the way of Grunge Off.

That's awesome! And great work on the tutorial. I don't smoke myself, but I always appreciate posts that are well thought off, upvoted :)


Thanks so much. It makes me happy to know that it is well understood even to those outside the smoking realm.

Never tried that product before! Ill have to give it a shot :] I always do the 99 iso / salt shake fiasco. If you get the iso really hot before you clean your pipes it works like a charm!

Sweet glass thou man :]


I used to swear by hot iso and salt a few years ago. You'll see when you use Grunge Off ;)

Hard to reach perc stains, gone. Water tastes fresh and clean. Reusable and non toxic (i've broken out in hives from using a LOT of iso). Certainly something to look in to next time you give cleaning a try!

Man that's some good stuff, that cleaned up pretty nice!


Thanks jed! Yeah some people even use this stuff to de-grease things that no other product will take care of. Many applications.

Good job! Like the waterless watermark as you didn't want any water to interfere with the cleaning. Well done. SteemOn! :)


Appreciate the kind words m8!

fuck yeah! Also try warming up the iso rubbing alchol for like 10-15 seconds in the microwave and then pour it in your glass with some salt works super well as well! Just a little stoner tip;)


Yes that used to be my old method, but it would not quite get those hard to reach perc stains. Also you do not want to shake a nice piece with abrasives like that. You will see that once you go grunge off you never go back ;)

dam that cleans up real nice and beats the tar out of iso & salt... hahha literally

Love it man. Another great informative post.
I would use your advice if I had some glass.
Definitely gonna order some soon ;)


Thanks! Appreciate the kind words :)

I will be around if you need any help.

Nice work cryptocameo! You should sell these on the Steemit marketplace once it finally opens up! For now you could try selling on Ebay you might make some good money for this work!


Thanks a lot, not to worry I already have an online sales presence I just do not advertise here :)

i am hitting marijuana at 07:55 am(the time right now in the u.k) :D coffee > marijuana > steemit :D