Gladius Network- The Shared Economy for content delivery and DDoS|Pre-sale is in progress

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The attacks of DDos are very common and these are growing reality of operating the business with online appearance. These attacks can cause financial loss of a handsome amount of money. It is a loss in uptime, crisis PR and consumer trust. Gladius is an ultimate solution to save it against DDoS attacks. It allows you to join to protect pools for better protection. It accelerates your content. With a powerful insight tool and simple to use interface, the Gladius allows the users to accelerate and protect their websites.


What is DDoS attack?

A Distributed Denial of Service attack is an effort to make all the online services unavailable. It stops the traffic to approach the website. It can target a wide variety of vital resources from news websites to news.Attackers develop networks of computers are called botnets by raising malicious software via social media, websites and emails. These infected devices can be controlled remotely without the knowledge of the owners. Few botnets are stronger than millions of machines. It makes small organizations silence. 

How Gladius Platform helps you?

 Gladius is one of the best programs that are highly beneficial for providing the security to your data on the computer. It is the best option for your home devices as well as business data. By using Blackchain, it is highly helpful to increase the speed of your website on the devices. If you are looking for the protection then you can easily create your account on Gladius. It is the matter of some clicks only. It will start monitoring connections, protecting, locating and other insights in the form of live graph.

How does blockchain technology work?

By offering digital information to be spread but not imitated, the blockchain technology creates the backbone of the new type of internet. Bitcoin technology finds other potential. This is a straight digital ledger of economical transaction. It is easy to program for recording everything. 

A financial ledger that contains all the recorded transactions in the system is known as blockchain. These blocks or records in the chain are entirely secured and are not able to modify. Each block contains a link to the data about the timestamp and transactions. All these blocks are incorruptible and are not able to change. The system can maintain and store all the details about the transactions. There are several spheres use blockchain. It is beneficial for the users and the business as well. The use of this technology increases the profit and security of the business. 

Helpful For New Startups 

It is easy to entrepreneurs to take a good start with digital marketing. If you are new to digital marketing, you will have complete material for your business support here. Both the creative and technical elements are required to increase your ranking. For driving maximum traffic you will have effective boost for your business.

By using blockchain technology, you can improve traffic towards your website. These are taking you at the heights of success. It provides you an excellent feedback that shows the highest results for your career. It provides you complete information about success of your marketing techniques and how to use these tools effectively. It is a collaborative effort. By using it, you can boost up your profit. It is an effective strategy that enhances your business rapidly.

Are you interested in cryptocurrency? For this, you may have awareness about it. As per the common understanding, it may be to revolutionize Bitcoin. It is a new form of Bitcoin that is known as Bitcoin Cash. It contains some changes in its infrastructure. By improving the important consequences for the users, it is highly innovative. In the market the trend of Bitcoin is popular die to its hard fork technology. It provides the more transactions that are committed quicker by transforming the stored data. 

It lays the groundwork for the lighting network. It makes the transactions scalable, cheaper and faster. It unblocks the payment channels and moves the transactions to the main block chain. Developers have already worked on this technology. 

What are Bitcoins?

Bitcoins is an easy and feasible way of paying online. Like PayPal a user can use it for payments. It is the way that is conveniently used for payments because some organizations do not accept credit cards by now. For this purpose a user has to pay for their ads with bitcoins. This is feasible, especially for those users who want to work online. It is kind of digital currency. Bitcoins is an only acceptable way of payment. It is a clean and clear procedure that is designed for the convenience of the users.

No one owns bitcoins because it is not a company. For enjoying a convenient mode of payment Bitcoins plays an important role. For allowing them easy financial source it can work in a much better way. This mode of payment is offered for giving convenience of the clients. 

Management of high-quality and easy payment process

Integrated with all essentials with dynamic quality

 Easy to avail for offering a simple methodology

Consuming low power for the easy approach

Offers plenty of benefits including clean and clear dealings, efficiency, variety of features and versatility

Easy to use and offer an easy set-up

Restoring power with supporting backup

It is used to offer the opportunity to attain a facility of payment on your acquisitions. It is very important if you need to work online. 

There are many ways to get the credit of bitcoins. By using the facility of bitcoins credit you can apply it through massage to a live agent. Amex, Master Card and Visa Cards are accepted for buying the credit in Bitcoins. For making your procedure of payment much easier these cards are incredible. 

Blockchain technology has solved the problem of the manipulation. It offers data transparency within the network. It will not be corrupted changing units of data. It is easy to use and avail online. 

Gladius  Public pre-sale is live now and will end in a month for more detail please visit the below website and must participate in this great and huge project.


Telegram link for live help:

Official twitter account:

Official Bitcoin talk forum thread link:

My Bitcointalk forum profile:;u=1039087

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