SBD distrobot - upvote for equal share - deadline at cashout_time "2018-05-09T12:20:21"

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bit of a bugger doing this manually but i have been promised intel from the league of justice heroes who live in the cloud somewhere

the deadline is ... cashout_time "2018-05-09T12:20:21"
please do not vote after a few hours before that

the total SP of @ubasti at the moment of posting : 15,035 SP
100 % vote is worth:.00394245576913612445
Reward are set default (50% /50%)


short version : upvote to get equal share on payout day - three 100% votes will be given randomly to three different people who voted on this post (on payout day ofcourse) and for every 10sp @ubasti gets i will enroll someone at random into @steemitbasicincome chosen from people who have participated

the obvious ways to do this are :

  • well upvote ofcourse or you get nothing
  • re-steem for bigger exposure, the more votes the more to divide, re-steeming doesnt even cost a thing
  • follow because i'm not sure what to do with my 10% pledge on this one, is it participants only or random follower, i havent even found someone to tell me what the method call is using curl so i got time to think but
  • dont worry , everything will be done strict yet manually until then, no vote wasted

long version --->

i would again like to thank @zerotoherobot for giving me the idea and i dont consider it stealing the idea i consider it more for everyone who wants to

The Essential idea of this particular account is :

  • one post per day anyone can vote on, at the cashout time, the total amount of sbd gained will be divided among everyone who voted.
  • if, by any chance, the total amount can not be divided among the number of voters then :
    -- all votes below 10% will be discarded from the list and the division will be calculated again if still not possible
    --all votes below 20% will be discarded from the list and the division will be calculated again and so on
    --if by any magical chance its not possible by the time there is only 100% votes left, the total will go randomly to one of the voters, excluding (in that case) @ubasti

im trying to be complete here but i'm not much of a drafter so i'll do as i go along, because that is how i roll

  • on top of that, after payout and division, three (3) 100% upvotes at whatever SP @ubasti has at the moment of sending out will be randomly given to any of the voters (in this case, regardless of voting percentage weight) so anyone who votes can always win something, even if its a 0.1% showvote at 1SP

  • under normal circumstances since sbs works in pro-mille division should be possible, in which case @ubasti gets an equal share just like everyone else who voted on it, thats the only thing i take for me, i think thats only fair

This probably looks very unpolished and barebone but nonetheless since i have the account i want to start today, every vote counts and the more sp the more i will get to give away. I will render some kind of mascotte in blender with my l33t renderskillz but the programming and digging into the api ofcourse takes precedence, after all i want to keep focused on the main account while this one does its thing and backs me up when i'm out of 100% votes

if you got spare votes , please check @zerotoherobot (who is not me or affiliated in any way) and pop one out there too, there's absolutely nothing to lose, thats where i got the idea although that and here is not completely similar and probably won't be, and why should it be, but both ideas are that all you have to invest is one single vote at any percent power

i'll get smug with marketeers later for asking nothing in return, and not even try to get your phonenumber or email lol (yagh sorry ... my sense of humour there)

please just be careful not to vote on a post like this if its over seven days old ... because if you do that then your vote is wasted
i will not promote this in any way but by resteeming on my original account and ofcourse if i vote someone up for voting on me @rudyardcatling and i do from this i'll reply with a "kind regards of catling"

whatever i can come up with that doesnt cost more than a vote and fits within the framework of one single account and bot i will try to apply after i am satisfied with polishing this one ... and adding a little colour to it, i am in no rush and the only thing you who reads this needs to feel is that you lose nothing at all by trying, if i scammed you out of one vote and dont cough up lol, then id be an idiot

seven days : the time for one beat of the divine heart (enki bilal)

this is not the final format, but this is my idea of starting

scratchpad, wether you do or dont

good luck with whatever , please remember downvotes are wasted votes , putting people in power over who can do or say what is what government has proven not to be able to make work and

if you don't like it now, you can always check back later, no obligations, no requests

the 10% pledge is something i made long ago before Titans walked the earth once more, and i stick to that , when i got a chance

for every 10sp i gain i enroll one person in @steembasicincome with the next 1steem i can muster witout uploading fiat money, that's a 50/50 selfish thing, but still 10% of what i get, i dont see the complaint since its me giving, its random, there will be no "you did more this or we talked more that" im just not clear what pool to pick from on @ubasti yet but ill get to that
i'm not a titan, i'm but a preacher in the church of satoshi but shin-sekai won't work if everyone just hog everything for themselves , it only works if you share the wealth, that's one of the core premises
you dont have to believe me, but i have this feeling most experts on crypto wouldnt even know where it came from and certainly werent around then and there so ... this message and post is under construction but the distro is on, all proceedings WILL be divived according to the ruleset, no one will be asked to send money, if you do or delegate don't ask favours in return




Nice, I approve

thanks for your support

I run something similar. I call it Proof of Brain, Steem Drain, Make it Rain

My most recent winners have gotten 0.20 SBD just for upvoting.

I was thinking our target audiences are likely similar for our SBD distribution. Maybe you could resteem my posts of I resteem yours?

Well anyways, followed and resteemed.

i usually don't check since i have no clue what account i'm on, the guy on top re-steems everything if you just follow him but i'll check it out, thanks

Hello @ubasti,
Your post "SBD distrobot - upvote for equal share - Wed May 2 14:18:19 CEST 2018" hast just been resteemed !!!.😝🙂😝
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cool idea 😎 @ubasti

  • best of luck in your quest...

mathematically it works if not dozens of people cast void votes at 1% , would even better with limited number in theory but that doesn't sound fair and fair is what i'm trying so the actual rulest might be tweaked as it goes along but so far everyone got paid on every post, thanks

so far so good :p , in reality, over time, if the number of participants grows to a certain number and assumint most of them don't cast multidollar votes to decline the payout then the 3 raffled 100% votes would be worth more , but that's over time hahah, i dont have actual money to dump into this , but it should still grow with every paid out post, time will tell, thank you

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